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Where to Get 9-mm Ammo in Bulk

Jun 22

When it comes to getting ammunition, bulk is the best way to go. This will save you money in the long run and it'll help protect your self also. There are many places that you can find ammo that is going to benefit you on a day to day basis. Whether it be for hunting, shooting or merely survival in general, you need to have the ideal ammunition so that you can be as prepared as possible. The best way to discover a good supply of ammunition is to speak with people that have done it for some time. You may have friends that use cheap imitation ammunition that will not do you much good. What you need to do is go to a local range that specializes in 9mm and ask them about where you are able to get wholesale 9mm as ammunition. They will be more than happy to tell you where you can get a fantastic deal of ammo. But, there are also several other places which you may look in order to get bulk ammo. If you're on a budget, you can buy your 9mm ammo wholesale without a problem. Just make sure you ask your provider if they offer bulk pricing. This can help you save a lot of money and it will also keep you from paying retail prices. No matter what your needs are, make sure you are ready by purchasing bulk ammo. This may be one of the smartest things you do on your own. Cheap bulk ammo at Lucky Gunner  

Is 9mm Ammo Good for Self Defense?

  One of the things that makes 9mm ammunition and the handguns that are chambered for it so popular is that they’re easy to handle, yet still effective as a self-defense weapon. While not the most powerful ammo cartridge, 9mm ammunition allows for better control and quicker follow-up shots. This helps beginner shooters and those with smaller frames handle the recoil, which can be difficult with larger calibers.   As a concealed carry weapon (CCW), 9mm handguns remain easy to shoot, even in subcompacts. They’re easy to conceal on the body, especially for women. And with modern ballistics, self-defense 9mm ammo is as deadly as a .40 Smith & Wesson  or .45 ACP cartridge. In 2014, the FBI released a report comparing the three cartridges and determined that the 9mm is, in fact, similar in both effectiveness and stopping power. And with less recoil and its ability to be controlled by everyone, the 9mm is an appropriate, universal weapon for organizations like the FBI, and also for civilians.   To combat marksmanship, it’s not just about the power of the ammo – it’s also about shot placement. And in many cases, even with people who regularly shoot high-caliber pistols, shot placement with a 9mm handgun is more accurate, more often.  

9mm Ammo in Bulk

  While these guns and rounds tend to have great precision, it should also be noted that 9mm ammunition is affordable. Full-metal jacketed (FMJ) cartridges, the kind used for practice on the shooting range, are readily available and much less expensive than its high-caliber counterparts. And when buying bulk 9mm ammo, it’s even cheaper.   For shooters who like to stock up on cheap range ammo, they can always find inexpensive 9mm. The more you price 9mm ammo, the more you will find that bulk rounds are the way to go.   The cheaper the ammunition is to buy, the more often a shooter goes shooting. And the more rounds they put through their firearm, the more practice they get. As with anything, the more practice, the better the skill. Because cheap 9mm ammo prices are common, those who own and shoot 9mm handguns are more likely to shoot the gun more often and become better skilled with that gun over others that they own – making it a great defense ammo. 9mm ammo at Lucky Gunner

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