Smart Gun tech matures

Machine Inc. unveiled SafeOp, a revolutionary trigger safety system that allows a weapon to be safely locked or unlocked from a SmartPhone or SmartWatch. This breakthrough is sold as an aftermarket trigger kit and enables cost-effective and easy retrofitting of existing firearms with the new Smart Gun technology.

Machine Inc. didn’t just stop with a trigger safety interlock system. Features like nearby lock / unlock and motion detection with alerts allow the owner to fully customize their firearm experience, all controlled via an intuitive mobile app.

This innovation comes at a time when new legislative proposals on gun safety are being presented.

Chair of the House Oversight and Reform Committee Carolyn Maloney (DN.Y.) a February 10th revealed a package of five gun safety bills. One of the proposals, the Handgun Trigger Safety Act, would incentivize the development of “smart gun technology”. The bill also stipulates that anyone who sells a pistol must upgrade it with personalization technology within ten years of going into effect before that sale can be completed.

Machine Inc. is currently taking pre-orders for the Glock 19 pistol and is awaiting delivery of the first batch in May 2021.

Further information and an informative video with all SafeOp functions can be found at Machine Inc..Learn more at

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