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The breezy personal vape: Review of the Stylish Pen

Aug 5


The Type Pen is a company that is known for its high-end personal vape pen. Their most recent product, the Breezy, has quickly become a very popular vape. In this review, we'll examine all of the aspects that make Breezy stand out from the rest of the pack. We will also discuss how it performed during our tests.

What is the Breezy Personal Vaporizer?

The Breezy is an personal vaporizer launched by The Kind Pen in 2020. The compact and lightweight vaporizer is suitable for dry herbs or concentrates. The Breezy is equipped with a ceramic chamber and uses convection heating to produce uniformly heated vapour. The device also features an e-liquid mouthpiece made of glass as well as a carrying case and charging cable.

What is the Breezy work?

The Breezy is only functional when you have the materials in the chamber. After the chamber has been loaded then you can switch on the Breezy by pressing the power button 5 times. You can then use the plus and minus buttons to choose the desired temperature. The Breezy will heat up to your selected temperature within 30 minutes. After the device has been heated it is possible to inhale through the mouthpiece to produce vapor.

How to use the breezy

The Breezy is simple to use. To load the chamber, you'll have to remove the mouthpiece. After the mouthpiece is removed, you can put your substance into the chamber. Be careful not to fill too much the chamber, as this can lead to poor the production of vapor. Once the material has been filled, you can switch the mouthpiece back on using the power button five more times to switch the device on. You can then use the buttons plus and minus to choose the temperature you want. After 30 minutes, the Breezy will reach the temperature you have selected. When the device is warm then you can breathe through the mouthpiece, causing the vapor.

How to get the best Performance from Your Breezy

The Breezy is best used in conjunction with a material with a fine grind to get the highest performance. A fine grind will allow greater surface area for the material to come in contact with the walls of the chamber which will result in better vapor production. Overfilling the chamber can cause inadequate the production of vapor. If you discover that your vapor production is not as good, you may need to alter the grinding of your material or the quantity you are loading into the chamber.


Q Do I have to use the Breezy with oils and concentrates?

A Breezy: Breezy can only be used in conjunction with dried herb materials.

Q How do I get rid of the Breezy?

A It is possible that the mouthpiece and the chamber can be cleaned using a cotton swab that has been soaked in isopropyl alcohol. The base of the unit should not get wet, since this could cause damage to the electronics. The bottom of the unit's air intake holes need to be cleared of any dirt. You can do this with paperclips, or any other similar item.


The Kind Pen Breezy is a ideal choice for those searching for a simple-to-use vaporizer that produces high-quality vapor. It can be used to vaporize dry herbs. The Breezy is easy to maintain and clean It is a great option for those who are new to vaping or don't need to tackle the hassle of cleaning a more complex device.

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