AG Merrick Garland overturned a Trump order to re-establish the police investigation in the DOJ

Police reform is just around the corner and the wheels have been set in motion as AG Merrick Garland worshiped a DOJ order from Jeff Sessions ending police investigations.


AG Merrick Garland overturned a Trump administrative order and restored the DOJ’s ability to screen and investigate police departments.

– PoliticusUSA (@politicususa) April 21, 2021

NBC News’s Pete Williams reported:

The Justice Department has had this power since 1994, following widespread public protest over the televised police beatings against Rodney King. Under this authority, the government can make recommendations and insist that the department make changes. If the department refuses, the judicial department can seek a court order in court requiring compliance. Since 1994, 70 of these investigations have been carried out. They have resulted in 40 judicial or voluntary agreements with local police and sheriff offices.

Today’s announcement marks a major turning point in government policy. Under the Trump administration, under Jeff Sessions, he practically shut the tap off for the investigation. He found them bad for the police and did no good. Only last Friday, Attorney General Garland picked it up and opened the door to do it again. Today with the announcement that it will begin and has begun in Minneapolis to speak to community groups, speak to people, speak to police officers to begin this investigation.

Even if the Republicans block the George Floyd Justice In Policing Act in the Senate, the DOJ can again take action against corrupt police departments across the country.

The message is that the police force will no longer be able to operate as described above. The Justice Department will hold them accountable.

President Biden and AG Garland will, one way or another, carry out police reform.

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