Biden gets ready to introduce the American Families Plan

childcare It’s a great need that has made the coronavirus pandemic all the more visible now that millions of women have largely left the paid workforce because their childcare – which was already expensive and difficult to come by before the pandemic – has evaporated. However, the situation before March 2020 was not sustainable either. In 2019 the Center for Budgetary and Policy Priorities reported that “For families in households with an income below federal poverty who pay for childcare, the cost of childcare averages 30 percent of their income. compared to 18 percent for families with an income between 100 and 200 percent of poverty and 7 percent for families with more than 200 percent poverty. “And there was little government support, as only one in six of theoretically eligible children actually received support.

Universal front yard follows and comes in some cases in the same settings as previous childcare. There are many models of programs that succeed, with equity and developmental programs in mind (preschool kindergarten is not a “first grade four-year-old” as one expert put it), but done right, it can help close gaps in performance and can die Increase the labor force participation of mothers. Investments in universal preschool and kindergarten should also include improved wages and benefits for the severely underpaid workers – predominantly women, including many women of the same color – in the industry.

Paid family vacation is critical. Under federal family and sick leave law, just over half of workers receive unpaid leave for things like caring for a newborn or a sick family member, or recovering from their own illness or injury, while nine states and the District of Columbia have paid programs leave. The Families First Coronavirus Response Act included temporary emergency care for families and medical vacations, but U.S. workers and families need something more, something that is not temporary.

There is a long list of reasons for this need. “Providing paid time off for new parents to care for newborn or recently adopted children helps healthy Development, improved on maternal side healthsupports the commitment of fathers to care and improves the economic situation of families Security,CBPP offers. “With paid medical and nursing leave, workers can look after themselves and their loved ones when they are sick or injured, and reduce financial insecurity and stress during these times. Paid vacation benefits Companies by improving retention and productivity and can increase profitability growth by increasing the workforce Participation. ”

Community College is a major source of affordable (relatively speaking) higher education and professional education, a place where traditional college-age students can get a certificate or two-year degree, or start college without running into too much debt before going to one change four-year institution. Older adults can return to school to change their careers or get a new education. However, tuition fees have increased significantly since 2008. During these years, government funding for higher education per student has decreased by 11.6%. And during the pandemic, enrollments plummeted 10% as students who worked or had children, or both, were unable to cope with classes.

We are concerned about losing some of them permanently, ”David Podell, president of MassBay Community College, told ABC News. “You may rework later, but every year you postpone your education, you will earn less in your life and the later the stability will come.

Biden’s government is preparing again to propose a package of much-needed investments in families, children and workers. Once again, Republicans will oppose the vast majority of it, with some of them perhaps claiming to support small fractions of the overall package – and demanding credit for that support while voting against it. The United States needs this investment in our future. Don’t let them cover it up.

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