Biden’s message to Republicans and Manchins: “Republican voters approve of what I’m doing.”

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This invitation to the Republicans to work together was confirmed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Sunday “Face the Nation”. “The door is open,” she said. “Our hand is outstretched. Let’s find out where we can find our similarities. We always have a responsibility to strive for impartiality.”

You will surely get a wish list of Republican projects. “My phone is exploding,” Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg told the New York Times, pointing out that almost any lawmaker “can point to a street, bridge or airport” that crumbles at home. “There’s a lot of interest from Congress,” he said. This includes an important bridge in Kentucky that McConnell plans to replace, although McConnell still promises to “fight” Biden’s proposals “at every turn”. With that bridge connecting Kentucky and Ohio, he may be relying on Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown to take care of it while he continues this battle.

Buttigieg’s division sent an email to members of the House and Senate last week detailing how the transportation portion of the proposal – $ 621 billion – was structured for their projects, including $ 174 billion for electric vehicles. $ 115 billion to repair and build roads and bridges; $ 85 billion for public transportation; $ 25 billion for airports; and $ 17 billion for ports and waterways.

Biden and his team continue to push for the bailout winning idea that “bipartisan” doesn’t necessarily mean winning over the Senate Republicans. “If you were to search for ‘bipartisan’ in the dictionary, I think it would mean the support of Republicans and Democrats,” said Biden senior adviser Anita Dunn. “It doesn’t mean Republicans have to be in Congress.” This confirms what Biden himself said a few weeks ago in Pittsburg when he presented the new infrastructure package. “Everyone said I had no bipartisan support,” said the COVID-19 aid package. “The overwhelming support from both parties has been Republican registered Republican voters.”

The government can look to numerous public surveys to prove that the same goes for his infrastructure proposals – including the $ 400 billion he plans to spend on what Republicans insist that it is not “real” infrastructure. Investing in caring for the elderly and the disabled receives high marks from Republican voters as well as Democrats and Independents.

“The Biden definition of bipartisanism is an agenda that unites the country and speaks to the entire political spectrum,” Mike Donilon, a senior Biden adviser, told the Washington Post. “I think it’s a pretty good definition to say that you have an agenda that unites the country, brings together Democrats and Republicans across the country. Probably when you have an agenda that goes far with Democrats and Republicans across the country country is common, then you should have chosen representatives who reflect that. “

Tell Senator Susan Collins, McConnell’s most useful person, to whine about how mean Democrats are. “The question before us is, is this range the start of a real negotiation, or is the administration so tied to the details of their plan, including their exorbitant top-line, that these are just courtesy meetings?” she said in a statement to the post office. “I have no reason to believe that his entire philosophy has changed, but I think that his staff and outside groups on the far left are putting a lot of pressure on him.” Collins’ previous “bipartisan” efforts were to offer a Trojan horse with a meager COVID-19 relief plan that was one-third of what Biden asked for, with no money to state or local governments.

It didn’t work at Biden for COVID-19 Relief, and it won’t work this time either. “Debate is welcome, compromise is inevitable, change is certain,” said Biden last week. “I want support from Republicans – Republican elected – but what I have now is I have electoral support from Republican voters. Republican voters agree with what I do.”

Infrastructure isn’t the only problem Biden has widespread support from both parties, nor is it the only problem blocked by a 50:50 Democratic-Republican Senate working with a filibuster. Gun safety, voting rights, hate crimes, immigration – all of these are pressing legislative issues that Congress is currently facing. The leadership wants the infrastructure to be completed before the break on July 4th, so something has to break on the filibuster in the meantime. Hopefully it’s Manchin and Sinema’s bullheads.

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