Arizona AG is suing the Biden government over immigration policies and taking gun control measures

On Monday, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich announced that his office is suing the federal government over immigration rulings and preparing action against the president’s gun control proposals.

Brnovich’s press release states that a lawsuit has been filed against the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and other federal officials for violating the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), with their immigration policies.

We have just filed a lawsuit alleging that the Biden government illegally stopped the construction of the border wall and wrongly overturned the “Remain In Mexico” policy. The border crisis is out of control. We will not stand idly by as our state is harmed. https://t.co/eEndIjns2Q

– Mark Brnovich (@GeneralBrnovich) April 12, 2021

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AG Brnovich: “The border crisis is out of control”

Arizona claims that NEPA recognizes population growth as a significant environmental burden and as a result, recent immigration policies may come into conflict.

“We just filed a lawsuit claiming that the Biden government illegally stopped building the border wall and wrongly overturned the ‘stay in Mexico’ policy,” Brnovich tweeted.

“The border crisis has gotten out of hand. We will not stand idly by as our state is harmed. “

Brnovich has also asked the US District Court in Arizona to “overturn decisions to stop the border wall construction” and ensure that the “Stay in Mexico” policy remains in effect until the federal government complies with NEPA.

“It is the height of the hypocrisy for the Biden government to claim they want to protect our environment without enforcing federal laws specially designed for that purpose,” said Attorney General Mark Brnovich.

“We will not stand idle as the Biden administration ignores real damage to our state from persistent instructions from the executive,” he added.

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Undoubtedly, it is a novel approach for a republican state to argue on environmental grounds.

On the subject of gun control, Brnovich told Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo that his office was currently working on “comments” on Biden’s newly announced gun rules.

Texas will also fight Biden Gun Policies

Arizona isn’t the only state that is pushing back federal politics.

On Sunday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott criticized Biden for his impending executive action on gun regulation.

Abbott told Fox News: “[I]If the president wanted to do more than just show … If the president really wanted to do something substantial, he could, by order of the executive, really clean up the backlog of complaints that have already been filed about gun crimes. “

Texas Governor Greg Abbott responded quickly Thursday to President Joe Biden’s new gun control measures

– CBS 21 News (@ CBS21NEWS) April 8, 2021

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The governor continued, “I think there is no acceptable way that a president, by order of the executive, can violate the rights of the second amendment or change the rights of the second amendment.”

Abbott said Americans and Texans in particular understand the meaning of the second amendment to the constitution.

“Texans and Americans know that they need their Second Amendment rights to defend themselves at a time when the United States and other governments are doing less to defend our fellow Americans, and that’s why we shouldn’t be any more Restrictions on our second change have rights, ”he added.

Last week, Governor Abbott vowed to make Texas a Second Amendment Sanctuary State to thwart new gun control efforts.

It is still unclear what Texas’s effort will look like.

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