The GOP Congress candidate defends the defamation of the Chinese – because she is Korean

In a comment entitled “The Republicans in Texas must turn down Sery Kim for her anti-Chinese abuse. ” The Conservative Olsen writes:

(Kim) began by claiming that the Chinese government “created coronavirus in a Wuhan laboratory,” an unproven claim. But she really lost it when she asked a question about Chinese immigration to the United States. “I don’t want her here at all,” she said. “They steal our intellectual property, they give us coronavirus, they don’t hold themselves accountable. And to be honest, I can say that because I’m Korean. “

The defamation of the Chinese is of course practically a point of pride among Republicans today, as Kim demonstrates by prominently showing the video of her remarks on her official website. And despite the huge increase in violence against Asian Americans as a direct result of hateful rhetoric, Republican officials continue to gleefully promote the theory that the COVID-19 virus was created in a Wuhan laboratory. They continue to intentionally add the words “Chinese virus” to public statements about the pandemic as directed at the beginning. It is a calculated ploy to shift the blame on Donald Trump’s miserable response to a crisis that left 560,000 Americans dead. This has been the standard procedure for the GOP since the beginning of the pandemic.

So what could be the problem if a former Trump official repeats Trump’s own bigoted idiom? As Olsen notes, under Texas law on special elections, Kim competes with about 20 other announced candidates in the primary. The two best voters (regardless of party) advance to the general election. Why shouldn’t Kim bet on Trump and turn on the bigotry spout at full speed? After all, that’s what Trump voters want.

The problem is how the Republican Party is belatedly realizing that Asian Americans are voting. And as a result of the biased rhetoric Trump spits out, many Republican elected officials, including Sery Kim, are gradually becoming, but unmistakable, Asian American voters. To move towards the Democratic Party. Furthermore, being Korean is not an isolation from anti-Asian hatred. According to research by Stop AAPI Hate, less than half (42.2%) of these incidents were against people of Chinese origin.

So it’s no surprise that immediately after Kim’s anti-Chinese ranting, her two elected Republican endorsers, Reps. Kim and Steel, spoke up.

Representatives Young Kim and Michelle Park Steel had both won close races against Democratic incumbents in Orange County, California, and understood how harmful Sery Kim’s words were. They asked her to apologize and clarify her remarks, but Kim refused. They then took their notes on a joint statement saying that her “hurtful and untrue comments on Chinese immigrants … are contrary to what we stand for.” Kim remains unrepentant, saying that she is the victim of the ” liberal media “is.

As if to underline her irritable whining about this criticism of her statements, Kim has also filed an apparently unfounded lawsuit accusing the Texas Tribune of defaming her for reporting on the GOP forum characterizing the same statements as racist.

In this film, Kim simply follows the Trump playbook and proudly wears her bigotry like a badge of honor. But for these two Republican congressional women –Both won in California by a narrow margin– You can’t afford to lose the Asian voice. And now they have foolishly, if fleetingly, approved of a fanatic who is actively and openly stirring up the flames of hatred and violence against Asian Americans.

It’s not hard to imagine that their as-yet-announced Democratic opponents of 2022 are certainly already planning the negative ads.

Back in the post office, Olsen – a staunch right winger – sees the red lights flashing.

Liberals in and out of the media would like to label the GOP as racist.

Kim’s anti-Chinese beliefs would simply give them an easy target to aim for every day.

Whether the Texas Republicans Olsen’s call to “reject Sery Kim for her anti-Chinese abuse ”, remains to be seen. But whyWhat Olsen is too afraid to acknowledge is that Kim is a product of her own party’s continued and wanton embrace of bigotry, which only solidified after four years under Donald Trump. That the GOP’s acceptance of hate rhetoric would lead a sizeable bloc of Asian Americans to turn away from the Republican Party probably never crossed their minds at the time. But like elections (and endorsements), bigotry has consequences. Republicans are now being forced to deal with these consequences in ways they never expected.

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