Second Matt Gaetz aide cashes in as the Feds get closer

Rep. Matt Gaetz’s Legislative Director resigned in an email as evidence accumulated against the Florida congressman.

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Rep. Matt Gaetz’s legislative director Devin Murphy has resigned following a federal investigation into sex trafficking allegations against the Florida Republican congressman, the New York Times reported, and Axios has confirmed it.

“It was real,” Murphy wrote Saturday morning in an email received from Axios to the Republican legislative directors with the subject: “Well … bye.”

When staff leave a member of Congress who is the subject of an investigation by the Criminal Investigation and Ethics Committee, it is a sign that the writing is on the wall. The allegations and details of criminal behavior are revealed almost daily, and Gaetz has still not defended himself.

Even more revealing, the Republicans did not defend Gaetz. His party did not stand by his side. You have not tried to persecute him or raise money from him. The Republicans are leaving Gaetz to stew in his own filth and criminality.

Fox News isn’t running in its defense. Trump stayed silent. It is clear that Gaetz will likely face charges and that the Republicans will distance themselves as soon as possible.

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