News Roundup: Biden’s Infrastructure Plan; Manchin in fantasy land; more yucky gaetz stuff

It is Friday! The week was filled with hopes for change and the harsh fact that Rep. Matt Gaetz is an utterly blatant guy, and the news cycle will likely continue to remind us for the foreseeable future. Here is some news you may have missed:

Manchin defends his filibuster stance and reveals how little he understands the Senate
Even more details reveal that Matt Gaetz used his buddy Greenberg to pimp young women
Biden’s infrastructure sales team has extensive experience with asphalt and electricity fights
The National Review defends new Republican electoral laws and advocates fewer voters
“Our dignity has been recognized”: New York hunger strikers break 23 days after winning the relief fund
While some insurgents are making bargain plea, others are doubling their claims to patriotism
An end to the austerity measures? Biden offers a budget that reverses years of deficit peacocks

From the community:

Of course, a woman is accused of grounding a ship * she wasn’t even up at this point *
‘Concrete Cowboy’: Struggle to preserve black culture and history in a white supremacist landscape

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