Matt Gaetz speaks to the group behind the rally on January 6th and doubles up on the Big Lie

Gaetz’s speech began with the four-day Save America Summit by Women for America First, the same group responsible for the rally that preceded the deadly January 6th invasion of the Capitol.

In addition to telling the group that he was “an advocate for women,” Gaetz praised some of the most important women in his life – including thanking Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene for their support. Then Gaetz repeatedly said that all charges against him were lies and conspiracy theories, either from the media or from the “deep state”.

As the South Florida Sun Sentinel noted, many of Gaetz’s women present appeared enthusiastic and ready to dismiss the charges brought against him. “I love him and believe what he says, ”said a 71-year-old participant. “I think what the media is accusing him of is wrong.”

However, as the New York Times reported, they have the receipts. Gaetz’s friend, a former Florida Republican official and 33-time accused Joel Greenberg, has agreed to a plea that is certain to include statements about Gaetz. Records show that Greenberg worked for at least two years to attract women to Gaetz by simply giving them “gifts”. From cash. Receipts from mobile apps that are used to send cash show payments from Gaetz to Greenberg, from Greenberg to women and, in at least one case, directly from Gaetz to women. Some of these women have already said that these payments were for sex.

Sex work, like any other form of work, should not be illegal. But it is. The women involved should be protected by a legal framework that promotes their safety. You are not. What Gaetz and Greenberg did was not a legal, regulated operation in a state like Nevada, and it wasn’t, as Gaetz said, “generous” to their “data”. They asked women for sex through payments that included funding for interstate travel, hotels, and direct cash payments. Illegal.

And one more thing: Greenberg has already been charged with sex trafficking with at least one underage girl. Gaetz was reportedly charged with the same crime. Either way, the ages of the women Greenberg recruited for Gaetz can be inferred from the memos he wrote while sending them payments using the Venmo cash app. These memos were “School”, “School”, and “Class”.

Against this background, Gaetz steps forward to tell the story Women for America “If you want to do something, ask a woman” has a certain bitter irony about it. However, when Gaetz did not use his speech to appeal to all of his accusers’ liars, he promoted the big lie of the “stolen” elections.

A year after the election, the Democrats knew, according to Gaetz, that Trump could not be defeated. So they tried to indict him, but that didn’t work. They couldn’t put a glove on Trump. “Until Marxists attacked our streets,” said Gaetz. “The Chinese coronavirus is attacking our bodies and fraud has attacked the electoral process itself.”

Gaetz told the group, however, that even this coalition of germ-strengthened communists in the US and China is still not enough. “So they ran to the mailbox with millions of ballots with no real and verifiable connection to the actual voters.”

If you’re charged with sex trafficking in underage girls, promoting a riot can actually be a step up.

Gaetz, of course, was one of the members of Congress who voted to annul the results of the 2020 election by contesting the electoral votes of the states that Trump lost. His actions on January 6th directly supported the uprising. It should come as no surprise that he is still promoting a lie that resulted in multiple deaths and nearly sparked a real crisis for the nation’s future.

After all, Matt Gaetz could use a good distraction now.

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