Biden will hold the first full press conference on Thursday afternoon

On Thursday afternoon, Biden will break this mini-drought with his first official press conference. The president is scheduled to emerge from the east room of the White House at 1:15 p.m. ET. With Biden, that means he’ll likely be there … around 1:15 pm, unlike some other White House residents.

Biden is sure to have questions about the pandemic and the recently passed US rescue plan. However, the biggest focus of the press conference could be a focus that has been brought into focus by recent events in Boulder, Colorado and Atlanta, Georgia.

After two more horrific mass shootings, Biden has already spoken. As Kerry Eleveld reported on Wednesday, Biden expressly supported a renewal of the offensive weapons ban, which he helped to pass in 1994. However, this original bill was passed by a simple majority because the Republicans (i.e. Mitch McConnell) had not yet converted the Senate into a Chamber where the filibuster created a hurdle of 60 votes for each bill. So if Biden spends a lot of time on Thursday afternoon answering questions about gun laws, it’s quite possible that this also leads to questions about the filibuster.

Since Fox News and other propaganda media were not excluded from these conferences, Biden should spend a lot of time studying the “Crisis on the Border”. This would be the one where unaccompanied minor border crossings have increased 690% in the last 9 months under Donald Trump and 61% in the first three months under Joe Biden, and one of those things justifies ABC News filming whole newscasts, Live from the border. “

Reporters may also have questions about Russia and North Korea. Biden was much tougher than Donald Trump in dealing with the leaders of these nations. With additional sanctions pending because of the SolarWinds hack and the United States looking to resume joint military exercises with South Korea, any nation could emerge. Don’t be shocked if a right-wing side tries to push the talk of Biden, who is having a “debate” with Vladimir Putin.

It is also to be expected that some voice will be raised about the national debt. After the Republicans left, the press re-established that there was debt and began to wipe off stories of spending concerns.

And of course there will be questions about the pandemic. Biden could even use this event to announce a new goal of getting 200 million vaccinations in its first 100 days. The longer people ask about the pandemic, the more time Biden will have to discuss the blatantly good news about progress since he took office.

The press conference will be broadcast live from the White House.

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