Veteran arrested on gun charges near Vice President’s official residence in Washington, DC

According to CNBC, a police report found that Murray, who reportedly served as an unmanned drone pilot from March 2010 to April 2014, was in possession of an “AR-15 semi-automatic rifle, 113 rounds of unregistered ammunition, and five rounds of 30 rounds” according to the magazine. “Murray, who was originally arrested by the Secret Service and then arrested by Washington police, reportedly willingly informed police that his car had been parked in a garage several miles away.

According to ABC News, the suspect’s mother called Capitol Police because he reportedly made comments concerning her. In particular, these statements reportedly did not concern either President Biden or Vice President Harris. According to the outlet’s sources, Murray reportedly told Secret Service that he was wondering if Biden could help him. He reportedly drove to the DC area from Texas and arrived on Saturday, March 13th.

DC police told journalist Mike Valerio, as reported by local sales outlet WUSA9, that Murray had “seen paranoid delusions from people, especially the military and government, who go after him and want to kill him.” Police told the point of sale that Murray recently bought an AR-15 “and may have it in his possession”.

The Brazos County Sheriff’s Office issued a statement including: “The Brazos County Sheriff’s Office has been in contact with Paul Murray for the past two weeks at the request of family members about his conduct. No criminal offenses were identified, but our agency continued to monitor the situation based on conduct and statements, as well as information that Murray may have been in possession of guns.

Representatives who worked with family and health care providers for a mental health assessment were given information that Murray may have traveled to Washington, DC. “We communicated this information with our local and federal partners to ensure the safety of everyone involved. ”

You can watch a short video clip of a local who says he witnessed activities outside of the Vice President’s home.

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