News Roundup: Another Mass Murder; more confirmation of the Russian disinfo; Warnock receives an ovation

Today’s top stories:

• After a year of mounting anti-Asian racism, there is a rampage in the massage parlors of Atlanta

• Senator Raphael Warnock’s first speech in the Senate inspires the Chamber to give a standing ovation

• The intelligence report confirms that those close to Trump have been used to spread Russian disinformation

• Biden submits nominations for the Postal Service Board and starts the countdown to DeJoy’s departure

• The Biden administrator reportedly overturns the decision to reopen the Homestead Detention Center for migrant children

• New daily Kos / Civiqs poll: Majority of Americans support the American rescue plan

From the community:

• My political laudation for Donald Trump. The media and the GOP got it all wrong.

• $ 80,000 Bullsh * t: The news media exaggerates the cost of COBRA and ACA coverage by 10 times or more

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