The investigators closed the circle around Proud Boys for violence on January 6th with two more important arrests

A total of 13 proud boys who played a central role in the pro-Trump mob’s ability to dismantle police barricades and enter the Capitol that day have now been charged with the riot. The indictment is similar to an indictment exposed by prosecutors against two other key figures in the Proud Boys – Ethan Nordean and Joe Biggs – who played key roles in leading the mob that day.

Last July, Rehl’s Philadelphia Proud Boys group gathered outside a Fraternal Order of Police lodge where Pence was speaking, and a small group of demonstrators had gathered. The men called Black Lives Matter protesters and a group of women.

Rehl, left, with Biggs on January 6th.

Rehl, a 35-year-old man from Port Richmond, was among them the Philadelphia Inquirer reported“Drink beer and chat with others in the parking lot who openly carried a Proud Boys flag.” The men they talked to included Philadelphia police officers, which underscores the Proud Boys’ cozy relationship with police officers across the country – a relationship that helped fuel their complacent right-wing extremism. Rehl is a veteran and the son of two Philadelphia police officers.

On January 6, her view of Pence had changed significantly, largely because the Vice President had decided not to attempt to challenge the confirmation of the electoral college’s votes as Donald Trump had asked him to do – as did the crowd at Trump’s rally this morning Tomorrow saw treason. The mob entering the Capitol was filmed and sang, “Hang Mike Pence!” Pence himself narrowly escaped encountering this mob. This became known during the subsequent impeachment proceedings against Trump.

Rehl, who later appeared in photos in The New Yorker showing Proud Boys devastating the Senate offices of Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley, is expected to have his first hearing in federal court in Philadelphia on Friday. His indictment makes it clear that federal prosecutors are preparing a conspiracy case in which several proud boys are charged with conspiracy, including Biggs and Nordean.

According to charges published in these cases, investigators say Biggs, 37, from Ormond Beach, Fla. And Nordean, 30, from Auburn, Washington, were outfitted with radios and a megaphone when they saw a crowd of about 100 Men through the streets ran from Washington and up the Capitol Mall. Among the rioters were several proud boys who smashed windows that allowed others to enter the building and attack the Capitol police officers inside.

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