Democrats launch group entirely dedicated to evicting Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

A group of Democrats have announced the formation of ‘Ron Be Gone’, a new political group dedicated solely to the takeover [Florida Governor] Ron DeSantis. “

A group press release covers a variety of topics why DeSantis is allegedly unable to run Florida – including its pandemic response and alleged association with “wealthy donors and special interests.”

But a video commercial seems to suggest the root of Ron Be Gone’s desire to oust DeSantis – his support for former President Donald Trump.

“What is poor Ron going to do in the White House without his role model?” asks the ad.

“He thought hitching his car to the Trump train would cost him seats,” he continues. “But all he’s doing is failing Floridians, just like Trump failing Americans.”

DeSantis has seen its approval rating rise in the past few months, with 89 percent of Republicans and 59 percent of Independents giving it a positive rating.

Trump won Florida with over 370,000 votes.

Hoping to deny DeSantis re-election – and end his hopes for president – Democrats launch Operation ‘Ron Be Gone’ https://t.co/vv5y8prJe2 pic.twitter.com/72I1vsop3F

– Orlando Sentinel (@orlandosentinel) March 15, 2021

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‘Ron Be Gone’ wants to oust Ron DeSantis

The Democratic-led organization Ron Be Gone, which is using its pandemic as a vehicle to oust Governor Ron DeSantis, is a strange decision.

Especially given that DeSantis has proven he managed the COVID-19 nightmare more effectively than many of the blue state governors – including former media treasure Andrew Cuomo.

“We look around in other parts of our country and in too many places we see schools closing, businesses closing and lives being destroyed,” DeSantis said during a speech at CPAC. “Florida got the people up.”

“Florida got it right and the lockdown states got it wrong.”

DESANTIS: “Florida got it right and the blocking states got it wrong.” # CPAC2021

– Daily caller (@DailyCaller) February 26, 2021

Even the media was forced to reassess its coverage of DeSantis during the pandemic.

Axios reports that Florida’s death rate from coronavirus is “better than some states with stricter restrictions”.

The front page of the New York Times examines how Florida has long since returned to a certain degree of normalcy, while states like California and New York are still tightly closed.

“Much of the state has the feeling of a boomtown,” they write, “a feeling of making up for months of lost time.”

“This debate about reopening schools? It came and went months ago. Children have been in classrooms since autumn. “

Even some Florida Democrats are wondering if Governor Ron DeSantis’ widespread COVID response might turn out to be correct. https://t.co/DJ5jVaGqvj

– Axios (@axios) March 15, 2021

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Trump is still supported

If you believe efforts to tie DeSantis to Trump will lead him to distance himself from the former president, “Ron be Gone” is wrong.

DeSantis blew up the Biden administration over a growing border crisis that is speeding America up to meet most of the migrants who have crossed the border in the past 20 years.

“Biden is going in the absolutely wrong direction,” DeSantis said in an interview with Fox News host Jeanine Pirro. “Trump had it right on the border, Biden misunderstood it.”

DeSantis currently ranks second in The Political Insider’s poll of who readers want to see Republican candidates in 2024. He just follows Donald Trump.

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