Senate wants Deb Haaland to be confirmed as Home Secretary

The Senate will confirm Representative Deb Haaland (DN.M.) as Secretary of the Interior and fill one of the few vacancies in President Joe Biden’s cabinet. It is expected that Haaland will receive sufficient support from both parties.

Haaland’s affirmation would be a boon to progressives and activists who have worked to protect Native American lands and move the United States towards a clean energy future.

“I believe there are millions of jobs in a clean energy future,” Haaland said during her recent confirmation hearing, under pressure from Republicans who expressed concerns that the transition to clean energy options would be costly for American jobs. “If we can all work together, we can do all of this. I think we can protect our public land and create jobs. “

Haaland also has an unlikely supporter in Senator Lindsey Graham (RS.C.) after receiving a letter from a tribal chief –Chef William Harris of the Catawba Indian Nation in South Carolina – he is campaigning for Haaland’s nomination.

“In our more than ten years of working together, I am grateful for the strong respect and support your employees have shown for the self-determination of the tribes,” Harris wrote to Graham. “In light of this work, I hope that you can support the nomination of Congressman Haaland.”

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