Fox’s Greg Gutfeld Claims Trump Didn’t Separate Children From Parents: “It’s a Lot of Hooey”

There were many shameful things that happened during Donald Trump’s presidency. But perhaps the most repulsive element of the 45th President was his policy of family segregation.

There is no doubt that Donald Trump made orphans of children seeking asylum in the United States. It is estimated that at least 545 children were separated from their parents as a result of the measure.

Instead of arguing about the merits of the policy, Fox News wants to pretend it didn’t even happen. Moderator Greg Gutfeld told his viewers on Thursday:

“Well, no, family separation is a very interesting point. Where are the families now? That was a narrative that is still not justified. If you are talking about 100,000 teenagers who come here. And the parents suddenly disappeared. I think the four year tale about family separation and tearing kids apart from their parents was a lot of nonsense, and that’s the technical term. “

Joe Biden certainly disagrees with Gutfeld’s attitude. The president has made the reunification of orphans one of his main political goals. A senior White House officiald of Biden’s goals:

“F.To remedy the situation [Trump’s] Action will take time and a full government approach. But President Biden was very clear about how we could restore compassion and order to our immigration system and correct the divisive, inhuman and immoral policies of the past four years. “

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