Friday Night Owls: Sen. Sanders: Congress must end the “natural embarrassment” of Medicare drug prices

The report found that “the much lower net prices in Medicaid are the result of higher manufacturer discounts in this program than in Medicare Part D.” For specialty drugs, the average price ranges from $ 1,889 in Medicaid to $ 4,293 in Medicare Part D.

“There’s no good reason why Medicare pays nearly three times more than Medicaid and about twice as much as VA for the exact same drug,” said Sanders explained. […]

The CBO report follows January publication a study by the Government Accountability Office (GAO), also commissioned by Sanders, which found that in a “sample of 399 branded and prescription generic drugs,” even after admission, the VA paid an average of 54% less per unit than Medicare and Discounts. ” […]

Last week, a group of policy experts and medical professionals examined the Trump administration’s health care legacy Approved One report said its policies “did not represent a radical break with the past, but merely accelerated the decade-long trend of delayed life expectancy that reflected deep and long-standing flaws in US economic, health and social policies”.

They concluded that “reforming the payer Medicare for All is the only way forward”.




We landed on Mars, we landed on Mars – but don’t forget to boil your water before you drink it.

– Lakota Man (@ LakotaMan1) February 19, 2021


“The tree that moves some to tears of joy is in the eyes of others just a green thing that stands in the way. Some see nature as ridiculous and deformed […] and some hardly see nature. But for the man of imagination, nature is imagination itself. As a man is, so he sees. “
~~ William Blake1799


That day at Daily Kos in 2003– Blair faces party uprising; USA lose Canada:

It is clear that the governments of the UK, Spain and Italy have to make real choices – to represent the will of their people or risk losing power to defend Bush’s invasion.

In England, support for Blair and the war is falling despite a month-long public relations campaign to shore up popular support. And the left wing of Labor openly speaks of a revolt if Britain goes to war without the approval of the UN Security Council.

“This is the time of crisis for Tony Blair,” said Alan Simpson, an anti-war Labor leader in the House of Commons. “He can lead the war party or the Labor Party, but he cannot lead both. It’s pretty clear that by the time he goes to war he will have left the party behind.”

Blair’s political troubles seem to have persuaded the US to seek a second solution, even though they publicly argue that it doesn’t require one.

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