Senator Lisa Murkowski burns Trump while declaring her vote for condemnation

Unlike Mitch McConnell, Senator Lisa Murkowski voted to condemn Trump, and the Alaska Republican denounced the former president.

Senator Murkowski said in part in a statement on Sunday:

If months of lying, organizing a supporters’ rally to thwart the work of Congress, encouraging a crowd to march on the Capitol, then failing to take meaningful action to stop the violence once it begins, not the one Impeachment, conviction worthy, and disqualification from serving in the United States, I cannot imagine what is. By inciting rioting and violent events that culminated on January 6, President Trump’s actions and words were not protected by free speech. I respect our constitutional rights and consider freedom of expression to be one of the most important freedoms, but that right does not extend to the President of the United States, who incites violence.

Before anyone assumes the office of president, they must swear to faithfully perform the office of president and to uphold, protect, and defend the United States Constitution. President Trump – the nation’s elected leader, the commander in chief of our armed forces – swore an oath to defend America and all that we hold sacred. He could not keep this oath.

One positive outcome of the terrible events on January 6th was that, hours after the Capitol was secured at 4:00 a.m. on January 7th, Congress accepted our responsibility to the US Constitution and upheld the results of the electoral college. We have been able to do this because of courageous men and women who kept their oaths to protect and defend Congress. I regret that Donald Trump was not one of them.

Sen. Murkowski’s words carry weight because she backed them up with her voice. She was one of seven Senate Republicans who voted to condemn Trump. The other Republicans who voted for the condemnation are either safe or retired. Murkowski is the only one who could suffer serious setbacks. Senator Murkowski once won an enrollment campaign for her Senate seat, so her brand is stronger than ever in Alaska.

There are a lot of Republicans who want Trump out of their party, but they were too weak and unwilling to stop him in 2015, and there is no evidence that most of the party still has no backs, but there is some Republicans with principles. 17 in fact, in the House and Senate who put the country before their self-interest.

If the Republican Party is to survive, they need a lot more Lisa Murkowskis.

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