Hey guys, (some) Republicans want you to forget they are Trump Toadies

There are only seven Senate Republicans left who are credible when it comes to democracy – Richard Burr (NC), Bill Cassidy (LA), Susan Collins (ME), Lisa Murkowski (AK), Mitt Romney (UT) and Ben Sasse ( NE)) and Pat Toomey (PA). Any other Republican can go to hell after destroying the United States’ credibility on human rights, democracy and self-determination. Why should the military coup leaders in Myanmar give two shits what Mitch McConnell has to say about their undemocratic takeover? He literally just gave Donald Trump a pass for the same effort, here at home.

Trump was literally trying to kill Vice President Mike Pence, and 43 Republicans didn’t give a shit.

Oh, a lot of people talk about a good game.

McConnell himself tried both ways, pretty much hoping the criminal justice system would do to Trump what he was too scared or rash himself to do. Facing nervous corporate PACs intent on giving money to insurgents, he almost asked them to return to the GOP’s embrace without doing anything to actually address those concerns.

Trump’s literal strategy was to discard the votes of the mostly black voters in Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Atlanta and Detroit. And McConnell, who had the opportunity to do something about it, shrugged while his Senate committee sent out fundraising emails titled “Stand with Trump.”


While Senate GOP Chairman McConnell beats Trump up but uses a constitutional excuse to vote for acquittal, his NRSC issues a donation email to “stand with Trump against impeachment.”

– Rick Pearson (@ rap30) February 13, 2021

Other Senate Republicans are equally keen to leave Trump and the damage he causes behind. “Senate Republicans warn not to see previous ones President Trump as party leader amid growing signs that after four years of chaos they are ready to turn the page, “said a Hill article of these efforts when I almost died of laughter. North Dakota’s Kevin Cramer, too cowardly to hold Trump accountable for attempting to assassinate his vice president, said: “Well, as you can see, there is a support that will never end. But I think the population is shrinking and after this week it will probably shrink a bit. “South Dakota’s John Thune claimed the vote was” absolutely not “an endorsement of Trump’s actions, unless it was exactly that.

You’d think Republicans would be concerned about their political threat. Under Trump, the Republicans lost the House, the Senate and the White House. In fact, Trump was only the third president to lose re-election in the past 100 years. They have lost ground among colored people (in absolute terms, although they may have made some gains in percentage terms). They lost ground among young voters. They lost ground among women with preschool degrees.

Your biggest wins? Old white countrymen, a constituency that is literally dying.

Wise Republicans might look at the damage and think, “On the one hand, he tried to assassinate his vice president, started an uprising against our country and damaged its international reputation, and we are fine with that, but damn it we want to keep the elections to lose? “It’s not like they’re blind to the damage, as Indiana’s Kevin Cramer said,“ I’m more concerned about how we’re rebuilding the party so that more people get around to it. ”

But really, their strategy for the most part seems real: “Let’s pretend Trump doesn’t exist.” John Cornyn from Texas said: “We’re not going to go on talking about his tweets or what he did or didn’t do. “Ha ha ha like they ever talked about his tweets. It was scary how Republicans never saw his tweets!

Meanwhile, too many Republicans still believe they can win Trump’s base in a 2024 presidential bid, like Lindsey Graham, the Senate’s greatest opportunist, South Carolinas. “Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) claimed on Sunday that former President Donald Trump, who has been accused twice, is the face of the Republican Party, stating that “Trump-plus” is the best path for the GOP to take. At the same time, he insisted that Trump’s daughter-in-law Lara was the “future of the Republican Party,” the Daily Beast reported when he appeared on Fox’s Sunday exhibition. Too many Republicans will stumble upon themselves to be Trump’s greatest cheerleaders if Trump only ever enthusiastically supports someone from his own tribe and her name is “Ivanka”.

Undoubtedly, Trump’s deplatforming has dramatically reduced his influence, but it is only a matter of time before he lands on one of the rightThere are plenty of platforms out there whether Gab, OANN, or Parler, in case it is ever revived. And then it doesn’t matter if Trump speaks to the mainstream as long as he reaches the true believers. He doesn’t have to control the group to seriously damage it.

Well, to be clear, there is no way Trump could launch a viable third party to challenge the GQP. No damn way. We saw the crowd surrounding Trump. It doesn’t exactly attract top talent. He’s the guy who bankrupted a casino, a business that literally minted his own money. What is he going to do to blame Steve Bannon? Jared Kushner? We would see the biggest grab in political history, which could be great for Trump and his friends but would not be particularly effective at gaining significant support.

Ultimately, it’s much easier to take over the existing party that Republicans are in today – inundated with the MAGA / Q believers who have so zealously cultivated them with fear-based racist appeals. I don’t think anyone has any doubts that Trump will be condemned by the Senate in a secret ballot. The fact that Republicans could not openly pull the trigger is evidence that the Republican Party did not get past Trump or his supporters. They hold you in suspense.

In the short and medium term, it is important that we hold companies accountable for donations to the Republican Party. You took the right step to stop this flow of money and McConnell did nothing to address your concerns. And of course, we need to make sure our side stays engaged and active to punish Republicans in 2022. History says we’re going to lose Congress, but the story isn’t always true. It wasn’t in 2002 when George W. Bush won seats in his first half after 9/11. January 6th should have as much cultural and political resonance, if not more than September 11th. Saudi terrorists have never threatened our constitution or democracy. My own anger remains undiminished.

So yes, good luck that GQP is trying to pretend they can go ahead and pretend Trump is irrelevant and that their own actions that enable him to the end should be shaken off. Nobody is ready to go on.

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