Former first lady Melania Trump announces that she has opened a new office in Mar-a-Lago

Former first lady Melania Trump has just announced that she is opening a new office in her Mar-a-Lago Florida property. This comes after Melania was attacked by the media for reports that she has spent much of her time at the spa since moving out of the White House.

Melania opens office

“Ms. Melania Trump announces the opening of Melania Trump’s office. Please follow this account for news and updates, ”tweeted Melania’s official Twitter account.

Ms. Melania Trump announces the opening of Melania Trump’s office. Please follow this account for news and updates.

– Office of Melania Trump (@OfficeofMelania) February 12, 2021

It came after CNN reported that Melania had been spending much of her time at the spa and was resentful of her successor Jill Biden’s coverage.

“She goes to the spa, has lunch, goes (again) to the spa and has dinner with Donald on the terrace. Rinse and repeat. Every day, ”one source said, and another added that Melania’s schedule“ is pretty much the same as before (she was first lady) or even when she would come down on vacation. “

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A source said Melania was “bitter and cold” at times with her husband, former President Donald Trump, about the way they left the White House.

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“She could see how things would go on for her,” the source claimed, referring to the days before they left the White House. “When (the Capitol Rebellion) happened, she knew that if she said or did something, there was nothing for her to gain – so she did nothing.”

Melania, to continue, be the best

Last month we reported that Melania had planned to open an office so she could continue her Be Best campaign.

Her post-White House associates include three well-known associates: Hayley D’Antuono, who previously served as operations manager and tour guide; Mary Finzer, who previously managed Melania’s “gift cabinet”; and Marcia Kelly, a former unpaid senior adviser to the White House.

According to sources, the team plans to initially work remotely and outside the Trump’s private Mar-a-Lago club, although 50-year-old Melania is looking for a separate office space in Palm Beach.

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This piece was written by James Samson on February 13th, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used with permission.

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