The House Republicans drop a bomb that aided and facilitated Trump’s attack on the Capitol

Several House Republicans have reported that Trump facilitated and supported the attack on the Capitol.

CNN reported that it refused to stop the attack when the House Republicans were told to:

CNN reports that Trump refused to abandon the attack on the Capitol when the House Republicans asked for help.

– Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) February 13, 2021

According to CNN:

McCarthy called Trump and asked him to stop the rioters.

I have spoken to several Republican members of the House who are aware of this call and tell us that after Trump tried to tell Kevin that these are not my people they are Antifa, Kevin McCarthy said to Trump, no , it’s not Antifa your people.

After saying that Trump said to McCarthy, you quote, “Well, Kevin, I think these people are more angry about the election than you are.”

The Republicans of the House also described Trump as happy and facilitated the attack on the Capitol by not acting.


The Republicans of the House go on record describing Trump and giddy and happy about the attack on the Capitol. They say Trump knew what the rioters were doing and he supported them.

– Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) February 13, 2021

About CNN:

Just want to add the Republican members that I spoke to about Trump’s failure to act immediately after Mccarthy spoke to him shows that he was not an impeccable innocent observer. Another Republican member told me the call clearly spoke of Trump’s intentions.

‚ÄúThis proves that the president knew very early on what the mob was doing and he knew members were at risk and he refused to act. It is against his oath of office not to go immediately to the defense of Congress and the constitutional process. This shows that Trump knew what the rioters were doing, that he supported it, and that he made it easier by not acting. “

This is a bomb that fell on the eve of the Senate vote on the impeachment article against Trump.

House Republicans speak on the record because a minority of them believe Trump is a threat to the country. Large numbers of Senate Republicans are so scared of Trump that they will still vote not to condemn him, despite firsthand evidence within their own party that Trump facilitated and supported an attempt to overthrow the government .

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