ABC News correspondent Terry Moran claims Trump is a “leader” for Republicans

On Wednesday, ABC News senior national correspondent Terry Moran said former President Donald Trump’s continued influence and control over the Republican Party was akin to a “Caesar” and a “Leader”.

Moran opened up on day two of his network reporting on the second impeachment trial against Trump.

ABC News ‘Moran compares impeachment to Brown vs Board of Education’

Moran said, “Whatever you think of this case, you rose to the moment.”

“This is an atrocity in our history, an atrocity against our democracy, and the care with which the managers of the Democratic House were prepared for this impeachment process, their argumentation is organized, they ring in the patriotism and in the emotions of the attack itself and that with Surrounding what they hope is a trail of evidence from Donald Trump on the attack, ”he said.

“That is your challenge here.”

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Moran seemed convinced that the impeachment process based on democratic arguments was constitutional.

“As for the constitutional issue, you know, there are now two Senate votes, one in the 19th century and one today, that the Senate can attempt impeachment after the official resigns,” Moran said.

“This is now like an argument with Brown versus Board of Education,” said the ABC News correspondent.

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Brown v Board of Education was a landmark case by the Supreme Court ruling that state laws separating public schools were unconstitutional.

ABC’s Terry Moran says Trump has ultimate power over GOP: Like a “Caudillo”, a “Caesar”, a “Leader” https://t.co/7Xf0GQqSD2

– Mediaite (@Mediaite) February 10, 2021

Moran: Republicans just won’t budge “

Then he accused the Republicans of being stubborn.

“Another thing is the way the Republicans just won’t budge,” Moran continued.

“Whatever the type of that argument, whatever the type of fact, I think we heard it in these vivid videos played by the House Democrats:” Fight for Trump, fight for Trump, fight for Trump “, continued Moran, “Don’t, ‘fight for America.”

ABC News’ Terry Moran mockingly fantasizes about Trump’s funeral: “He’s going to choreograph it first. So there could be more trumpets and fanfare. … It’s going to be the president’s best funeral ever. Nobody will ever see anything like this funeral.” to have.” . “pic.twitter.com/Sjt8pm5m9f

– Ryan Saavedra (@RealSaavedra) December 6, 2018

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Moran on Trump’s influence on the Republican Party: “It’s a leader”

Then he compared Trump to a “Führer”, the title given to the Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler in the Third Reich.

“He has the Republican Party as a personalized power like we haven’t seen it,” said Moran.

“It’s a caudillo, it’s a caesar, it’s a leader,” he claimed.

“We don’t see that in this country,” finished Moran. “We do that now.”

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