The GOP’s image is wavering among Americans – almost entirely because of falling Republican support

But what is perhaps most noticeable is where the GOP support is bleeding from – from their own ranks. “”Since November, the GOP’s image has suffered the most from the Republican Party identifiers, from 90% favorable to 78%. The opinions of Independents and Democrats are largely unchanged, “writes Gallup. This image problem is not just theoretical, it has led to tens of thousands of GOP defects across the country since November as Conservative voters officially changed their party affiliation to something different from Republicans .

On the flip side, the Democrats’ advantage is largely due to independents, whose positive views of the party have increased 7 points since November, from 41% to 48%.

According to Gallup, the GOP has “often” plunged into areas under 40, according to Gallup. For example, when Donald Trump forced a lengthy government shutdown over his border wall in January 2019, the GOP’s cheapness dropped to 38%. The news of the party’s declining favors comes right, however, as GOP lawmakers rally around Trump – the main driver of their recent unfavorable status – to prevent his impeachment conviction.

Historically, the party initiating impeachment has suffered a political blow. But Trump and his apparent efforts to undermine the will of the people have proven historically unpopular, and Democrats are growing in popularity because of their efforts to hold Trump accountable and protect American democracy.

Republicans, on the other hand, stick with Trump, regardless of the consequences, because they simply cannot imagine a world in which to rely on anything other than white identity to win elections.

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