Mary Trump claims that Don Jr. and Ivanka’s political careers are “completely over”

Mary Trump went on MSNBC Tuesday to beat up her own cousins ​​Donald Jr. and Ivanka Trump, claiming their political careers were “completely over”.

Mary Trump attacks her cousins

“How does this affect Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka’s dreams of being President Trump, the Kennedys of the right? How will that affect them?” asked host Dean Obeidallah.

“I think it’s over. I think it’s completely over, “answered Mary. “You have to thank your father for that. The uprising was a bridge too far, Donny is sure to be totally involved, and if there is justice he will eventually be charged. “

“You know, we have all of this information that Ivanka and Jared, alleged federal government employees, have made over $ 600 million in grabs over the past few years,” she added.

“So I think the fact that they think there is a chance for them to turn the corner or rehabilitate their prospects is just insane,” said Mary.

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Mary talks about Kevin McCarthy

Mary was later asked if Kevin McCarthy, minority chairman of the House, was traveling to Florida to meet with former President Donald Trump.

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“Kevin McCarthy, the leader of the house minority, flew down to kiss Donald Trump’s ring in Mar-a-Lago, which was outrageous given the proximity to the uprising,” Obeidallah said. “Do you think they are really using Trump as a fundraising tool?”

“Yeah, I hear people saying they’re scared of him all the time,” replied Mary. “No, they are not, you know, they totally agree with him. You are him. You’re all on the same page here. “

“They are just thrilled that someone like Donald came along who was ready to shove the envelope and break norms and get them anything they wanted, whatever they were, I don’t know, unimaginative to pursue “she continued. “I think people always use Donald. That’s all it’s good for. So yes, absolutely. “

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This piece was written by James Samson on February 9th, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used with permission.

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