Watch: Democrats open impeachment process with disturbing video capturing the January 6th chaos

The property managers opened the second impeachment trial against former President Donald Trump on Tuesday with a disturbing video: A combination of news reports and social media clips highlighted the violence on January 6 – and underlined Trump’s role in triggering it.

The footage that recorded Trump’s remarks at the “Stop the Steal” rally and the brutal assault on the US Capitol set a clear timetable that linked his speech to the uprising. In the video, a powerful series of clips shows Trump storming the building, overpowering the Capitol Police, and breaking in after Trump urged thousands of his supporters to march to the Capitol.

The video, which you can see in full below, pulls a direct line from Trump’s election fraud – and his comments – on the violence that took place.

The use of the video and other social media is part of the House’s impeachment executives’ broader strategy to expose the severity of the January 6th attack and to make the impeachment more emotional. After all, the property managers learned their lesson from the initial impeachment process, which contained lengthy arguments that some lawmakers called repetitive and boring. This time around, they want to use a lot of multimedia to recreate the events of January 6th and get the senators involved in their presentation.

“The more you document all of the tragic events that led up to that day and the President’s wrongdoing that day and the President’s reaction while people were attacked that day, the harder it will be for any Senator to get behind those wrong ones Constitutions to hide fig leaves, “Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), who informally advises the House team, recently told the New York Times.

The video, which lasted about 10 minutes, captured the panic of lawmakers trapped in the Chamber of the House, the brutality of the rioters pushing the police, and the explicit role Trump played in triggering such actions. It devastatedly compelled lawmakers to exonerate the January 6th events that killed five people and injured 140 Capitol police officers.

“We hear Trump – your boss,” the people who stormed the Capitol told the officers at the time in a clip included in the video.

The property managers want to show how much Trump fueled the violence that hurt so many people, put lawmakers at risk and threatened a fundamental democratic process when they campaign for the Senate to condemn him for incitement to insurrection.

“The President was charged by the House of Representatives for this,” said the impeachment chief of the House, Jamie Raskin, after playing the video. “If this is not a criminal offense, then there is no such thing.”

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