Monday Night Owls: Democrats urge Biden to oust Louis DeJoy to end his destruction of the postal service

While DeJoy was forced to temporarily suspend some of his operational changes over the past year amid national turmoil and numerous court orders, the Postmaster General now appears determined to move on with his plan to cripple the agency – a plan that Democratic lawmakers and postal workers who call for action by the Biden government.

With Biden banned by law from firing DeJoy directly, Congress Democrats are calling on the president to resign any seated postal governor – including those that are public cheered The Postmaster General’s changes as they caused large backlogs of parcels nationwide and slowed down Delivery of prescription drugs and Postal ballot papers – and replace them with officials ready to remove the Postmaster General and protect the Agency. […]

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“If anyone can say ‘go back’, it’s Indians. My Pueblo ancestors still live in this land today, despite being targeted at every point – despite famine and drought. But the aborigines do not ask anyone to return to where they came from. ” ~~ Deb Haaland (2019)


That day at Daily Kos in 2019—John Dingell’s final request to the House on Trump administration: “Pull your asses up to Capitol Hill”:

Rep. John Dingell, longtime dean of the House of Representatives and the the longest-serving member of the legislative chamber of all time died on Thursday at the age of 92. To the end, Dingell was passionately loyal to the institution he served for so long and the constitution that enshrined it.

The Washington Post recalls Dingell’s final instructions to his former colleagues and to the new Democratic majority, written in his memoir, published in December, entitled The Dean: The Best Seat in the House.

Dingell, as anyone who followed his Twitter account knows, despised Trump and feared the harm he was doing to the nation. He wrote that Trump was “a clear and present threat to the United States of America” ​​and beat up former spokesman Paul Ryan and his leadership for “ignoring his constitutional responsibility to review executive authority.” If that wasn’t clear enough, “My young friends have told me that when you write anything in capital letters you will scream. Let me exclaim this: WE HAVE SIGNED OUR CONSTITUTIONAL SYSTEM OF CONTROLS AND BALANCES IN THE UNITED STATES! Get this: I’m not saying this as a partisan. I’m talking about someone in a government, Republican or Democrat, who believes they are above the law. “

With that in mind, he had advice for spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi and the new majority: “If we really want to make America great again, we must first drag their asses up to really bipartisan oversight committees on Capitol Hill and make them swear to the truth under penalty of To say perjury. […] Believe me it works. I saw the wet spots on the chairs after they testified. “

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