Opinion: As the impeachment process begins, we will remember the Republican history of the great lies

Donald Trump’s insistence that he actually won the 2016 presidential election in a landslide is now commonly referred to as a “big lie”.

This “big lie”, which Trump has arguably mobilized to trigger the white supremacist attack on the Capitol, will of course focus on the impeachment process in the Senate next week.

The attack on the Capitol was seen as an attack on democracy itself, and Trump’s “big lie” embodied in many ways the antidemocratic nature of his presidency as a whole, which featured a seemingly endless and relentless flurry of lies and lies.

Of course, Trump’s behavior has resulted in Republicans breaking their ranks – or rather, strategically and deceptively practicing political distancing from Trump card and the republican party.

However, let’s make it clear that this political distancing is just that – a matter of political strategy, not a matter of ideological difference, no matter what they say.

The “big lie” is not unique to Trump, but represents a longstanding Republican tradition and political practice that has far removed it from being different from Trump’s governance, but actually made it possible and even created it.

In a newer new York Thomas Friedman suggested that the silver lining for Trump’s presidency debacle could be so “in principle” republicanWould grow together and form a third party.

But let’s be honest: these anti-Trumpers, some of whom have reconstituted themselves as members of the Lincoln Project, are simply trying to save conservative ideology from Trump’s sinking ship. While Trump card has pulled the curtain back on traditional in every way republican “Ideals” exposing the common man’s declining policies of racism, mass redistribution of wealth to the richest, sexism, anti-union movement, opposition to LGBTQ civil rights and more from which these defectors originated Trump card and the GOP seek to create a life raft for conservatism by getting to the heart of the story that reflects the values ​​of traditional conservatism and those of Trump republican party are kind of different.

Jennifer Horn, former chairwoman of the New Hampshire republican partyannounced her departure from the republican party on the pages of USA Growing nobly over conservative principles lately today and lamenting Trump’s alleged departure from them: “These ideals for which I have fought for so many years – freedom, conservatism, constitutional leadership – are no longer the principles of the republican party“She claims with a brave face.” I am still committed to the fight for conservatism, constitutionalism and individual freedom. My belief in the promise that is America stay strong. America must remain a beacon of hope for freedom and freedom for all. “

Her resignation followed that of the previous one republican strategist Steve Schmidtwho actually joined the Democrats partyand declared himself a single issue voter, which issue is democracy.

Both are members of the Lincoln Project and both adhere to the political mantra that we see Michael Steele, Rick Wilson and other former senior officials republican Activists trying to get the encrypted antidemocracy Politics of conservatism from Trump’s revelation.

The founders of the Lincoln Project explain this party line, in writing: “We were and are largely conservative (or classically liberal) in our politics and our views. Our many political differences from national ones Democrats stay, but our mutual loyalty to the Constitution dictates a joint effort. “

They persistently distinguish theirs republican Trump values: “Mr. Trump card and its enablers have given up conservatism and longevity republican Principles and replaced them with Trumpism, an empty belief led by a false prophet. “

However, when we speak of “false prophets” we are reminded of some of the “big lies” the Republican Party told Americans.

First, let’s remember when Pennsylvania republican House guide Mike Turzai declared back in 2012 that the Voter ID laws would help Mitt Romney Win the presidency by suppressing the vote.

Did Steve Schmidt and his colleagues from the Lincoln Project call for their beloved democracy back then?

The GOP then and for some time not a fan of democracy. Just think of Karl Rove’s fantasy of a “permanent republican Majority “when he served as the brain of George W. Bush. Voter suppression and gerrymandering were commonplace. These “long-term republican Principles “not worth it democracy in any form or form and thus embarrassed the constitution.

Second, does the acronym “WMD” even remind you of your memory? Do you remember as George W. Bush and Dick Cheney and her entourage sold a bill of materials to the Americans to break in Iraq, it costs US. Thousands of Lives and Trillions of Dollars? As Rachel Maddow Ever since the Bush and Cheney regime was revealed in their 2014 documentary Why We Did It, they have both worked with personal relationships with oil companies.

That was a pretty big lie.

Third, what about the trickle down economy?

All of these Republicans, now hypocritically professing their love of truth and democracy, went along with the oft-repeated lies of the rundown economy that tax cuts for the rich would pay for themselves and that wealth would eventually work its way down the ladder. The International Monetary Fund has since confirmed the great lie of conservatism’s traditional economic policy.

Did we hear they disagree? Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell When, after Trump’s huge tax cuts for the rich, a staple of the economic crisis, they insisted that social security must be cut to meet the deficit? Did they themselves decipher the tax cuts that simply redistributed wealth to the richest?

As early as 2004, Al Franken wrote a book entitled Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced View of the Rights, in which only the rampage of lying in the age of was highlighted Trump cardis repeatedly identified as “unprecedented”. Paul Krugman recently did the republican Aversion to facts and reality towards the beloved icon of conservatism Ronald Reagan.

Hitler’s top PR guy, Joseph Goebbels, is perhaps best known for promoting and exploiting the “big lie,” but it has been a common practice in Republican politics for some time.

We should not be fooled into believing the “big lie” that anti-Trump Republicans are now asking us to believe – that they are supporters of truth and democracy different from Trumpism.

Just look who is now blocking the relief for Americans and claiming they are not in need: the old guard of Susan Collins, Mitt Romney, Lisa Murkowski, and the like.

There is no pro-Democracy Republican Party before Trump. There’s just one more big lie.

Tim Libretti is a professor of American literature and culture at a state university in Chicago. A longtime progressive voice, he has published numerous academic and journalistic articles on culture, class, race, gender, and politics, for which he has received awards from the Working Class Studies Association, the International Labor Communications Association, and the National Federation of Press Women and the Illinois Woman’s Press Association.

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