Abbreviated Skilled Spherical Desk: GQP settlement continues because the get together chooses to go all the way in which to the correct


The term “Christian nationalism” is relatively new and is generally not used by itself by its proponents. However, it accurately describes American nationalists who believe that American identity is inextricably linked with Christianity.

– Chad Mayes (@ChadMayes) February 3, 2021

Charlie Sykes / Bulwark:

The GOP rejects the culture of consequences

Pamper me for a moment with a piece of old history from the past.

It was actually only two years ago.

In January 2019 House Republicans Representative Steve King (R-Bigot) has been relieved of his committee duties and expelled from the Justice and Agriculture Committees.

King had a long history of racism, but had remained in the good grace of the GOP for years, even becoming a kingmaker in Iowa politics …

I tell the story of King to highlight (1) the contrast with the Marjorie Taylor Greene case, (2) the political misconduct in the vote last night, and (3) how quickly the GOP is evolving.

To be sure this was a long time. The 2019 GOP had already spent years indulging Donald Trump’s predilection for racism and conspiracy theories and rationalizing his birthright, lies and cruelty.

But they apparently still had a lingering instinct for political hygiene. Two years later, the GOP’s immune system against madmen was completely destroyed.


🇩🇪 “The corona virus has become more dangerous,” said the head of the German CDC, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), due to new mutants. “The virus isn’t tired yet – on the contrary, it just got a boost.” He added, “The situation is far from under control.” 🇩🇪 is currently blocked.

– Michael Knigge (@kniggem) February 5, 2021


Desperate families turn to groups that “deprogram” extremists after the Capitol Riots

Her brother failed to make it to the US Capitol on January 6, but she feared he would join a new uprising – that one day he would “be one of the people on TV.”

The woman in her thirties asked her family to make plans, she said, hoping to keep her brother busy. She then contacted a non-profit organization called Parents for Peace, which is trying to pull people back from extremism in hopes of “saving” it after years of dismay over his hatred of Muslims and Mexicans and now alarmed by his anger over the presidential election .

She dissected her brother’s life and relationship in weekly sessions and began to wonder if she was part of the problem.

The woman, who did not want her name or location published so as not to upset her brother, is part of a wave of desperate families and friends calling on organizations that seek to deradicalize and “deprogram” extremists across the ideological spectrum. Such organizations say that the demand for their free services has never been higher.

Emma Green / Atlantic:

The knives come out for Josh Hawley

The conservative elite world saw the Senator from Missouri as America’s next great statesman. Instead, it has revealed uncomfortable truths about the movement.

Hawley’s combination of conservative politics, news anchor gravitas, apparent ambition, and success in the Ivy League made him a target of liberal hatred from the moment he arrived in the Senate. But lately, all of that Hawley quirk has sparked particular anger among his former allies in the conservative world as well. On January 6, a violent mob stormed the Capitol to stop the certification of the electoral college’s votes. Five people died, including a Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick. As news outlets around the world wrote the story of the uprising, many illustrated it with a photo of Hawley and raised his fist in front of a crowd of then peaceful protesters.

The Missouri Senator became the avatar of the uprising in Congressional lawmakers launched before the mob emerged. Conservatives and liberals accused Hawley of encouraging the Capitol attackers by questioning the legitimacy of the elections. Sure, seven other senators, including Tommy Tuberville from Alabama and Roger Marshall from Kansas, questioned the results, as did 139 members of the House of Representatives. But it was Tuberville Trained by Nick Saban, not John Roberts – the former Auburn coach wasn’t marked for political greatness. It didn’t even matter that Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who has a similarly elitist résumé, put up with Hawley and contested the results of the Arizona Electoral College. “Ted’s just that annoying fly in the room now – okay, we’ll beat her at some point,” a Republican campaign worker told me. “Josh is seen as so much worse.”

How did Hawley become the most hated man in Washington? Sometimes ideological allies turn against each other because they don’t want to admit their collective sins and they need someone to blame.

Greg Sargent / WaPo:

A big step forward on Biden’s agenda presents Trump’s GOP with new challenges

Early in the morning on Friday, Senate Democrats a measure to lay the foundation stone passed move President Biden’s major economic rescue package through the reconciliation process by a simple majority. The Republicans are already thundering with indignation.

The move does indeed pose a serious challenge for Republicans. But it goes deeper than just passing that one package down without her. It also hints at a resetting in how badly GOP was used – and even the beginnings of a response to the Donald Trump era and the ideology loosely referred to as “Trumpism”.

First, the new move suggests a growing recognition that the conventional understanding of how “bipartisanism” works is precisely backward – and that Republicans have manipulated the public debate on the issue for far too long.

A thread about the evangelical home school:

Thread: I was a Protestant homeschooler raised to view the idea of ​​democracy as fundamentally bad. Here are some clippings from the homeschooling material my parents used.

T.hey pushed the idea of ​​a shady “one world government” very much, saying that democracy is doomed, has always failed.


Peggy Noonan: “McCarthy said in an interview shortly after that he doesn’t really know what QAnon is. He knows what QAnon is. You all know.” Https://

– Josh Kraushaar (@HotlineJosh) February 5, 2021

Jamelle Bouie / NY Times:

Marjorie Taylor Greene knows exactly what she’s doing

The once porous border between the right and the far right has dissolved.

What’s distinctive at the moment isn’t the fact that someone like Greene exists, but that no one has shown up to play the role of Buckley. A longtime Republican leader like Mitch McConnell can try – denouncing Greene’s “crazy lies and conspiracy theories” as a “cancer” in the party – but after serving four years as an ally of Donald Trump, his words are not worth much.

In other words, these once porous borders now seem to no longer exist, and there is no one in the Republican Party or its intellectual orbit overseeing the extreme right. Representative Greene will be the first QAnon member of Congress, but she won’t be the last, and she may not even be the worst.


To me, one reason she’s such a relevant story is because she’s the first national politician to come up * entirely * about Trump and the MAGA information environment. There are tons of Trumpy politicians, but all of them had political identities within the right before Trump.

– Benjy Sarlin (@BenjySarlin) February 5, 2021

In Aron / USA today:

Courts are key to anything Biden and Democrats want to do. Don’t lose focus on them.

We need judges who understand the challenges real people face. It is about nothing less than legal and social progress for the future generation

A pandemic nearly a year old has killed over 450,000 Americans and lay Millions unemployed. Last month, the rising tide of white supremacy led to an attempt to take over the center of our nation in an attack on the Capitol instigated by then-President Donald Trump himself. Without question, our new president has his hands full, not to mention his obligation to tackle the climate emergency, restore American leadership overseas, and ensure all American access to quality health care.

But at the heart of tackling all of these – and ensuring Americans continued prosperity and justice for decades – are our courts. This is the opportunity for Senate Democrats to appoint forward-thinking, skilled judges who better reflect the people they serve


It fits somewhere in the answer to the lawsuit filed against them

– Marc Caputo (@MarcACaputo) February 6, 2021

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