Democratic MP Cori Bush moved her workplace after MP Marjorie Taylor Greene “cursed” her

Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) (L), Rep Cori Bush (D-MO).

Reuters (L) | Getty Images (R)

GOP MP Marjorie Taylor Greene and her staff allegedly “berated” Missouri House Democrat Cori Bush, who said on Friday that she was moving her office from Greene “for the security of my team.”

Bush also said in a tweet that the Georgia Republican “targeted me and others on social media”.

Regarding the deadly January 6 uprising in the Capitol by supporters of former President Donald Trump, she noted that she had “called for the expulsion of members who instigated the uprising from day one.”

Following that invasion, Bush tabled a resolution instructing the House Ethics Committee to investigate whether lawmakers attempting to overthrow President Joe Biden’s election victory should be “violated” and “sanctioned, including the oath of office Removal from representative’s house. “

Bush’s statement implied that Greene should be included in this proposed investigation. Both Greene and Bush are newly elected officials who were sworn into Congress earlier this month.

Greene and Bush spokesmen did not immediately respond to CNBC’s call to comment on the Missouri Democrat’s statement on Twitter or to learn more details about the alleged argument.

An adviser to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., Confirmed to NBC News that Bush’s office had been reassigned. “This change in room allocation was made on the speaker’s direct orders,” the aide told NBC.

Bush and Greene have offices on the same floor of the Longworth House Office Building, one of three house member buildings on Capitol Hill.

Greene has expressed his support for radical pro-Trump conspiracy theory, QAnon, whose believers, in some instances, cheered the Capitol break-in that killed five people.

Greene recently came under additional fire after reaching out to a survivor of the Parkland school shootout and liking social media posts calling for violence against Democrats.

On Wednesday, a news crew from NBC subsidiary WRCB was reportedly removed from an event at City Hall and threatened with arrest after attempting to ask Greene a question.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., Blasted Greene and the “absolutely appalling” decision by the House Republicans to appoint Greene to the House Education Committee.

“What could you think? Or is thinking too generously a word for what you might do?” Pelosi said at a press conference Thursday.

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