Nicolle Wallace: Republicans wish to combat terrorism so long as Trump supporters aren’t concerned

From Richard Nixon to Ronald Reagan to Donald Trump, the GOP has long presented itself as a party of “law and order”.

The last time a large-scale terrorist attack took place on US soil was George W. Bush. In September 2001, Bush told Congress: “Our war on terror begins with al-Qaeda but does not end there. It won’t end until every terrorist group of global reach is found, stopped, and defeated. “

Nicolle Wallace, who worked at this Bush White House, says Republicans are now adopting a very different stance on terrorism, especially when it is committed by Trump supporters.

The MSNBC presenter told her viewers, “Y.You might think that putting the vice president’s life in danger would have gone too far for the rest of the GOP. Less than a month after the Capitol uprising, Trump’s party seems all too keen to welcome him back with open arms. “

Wallace then discussed Kevin McCarthy’s trip to Florida to meet with Trump. She continued:

“The decision to kiss the ring of a man who started a seditious riot is not McCarthy’s own decision. Did any of them decide to stand up against insurgents for the country? And we wait and wait and call and hope and hope and we think maybe they will and we watch to see whether or not Mitch will judge McConnell. Who cares? Unless I miss anything, they’ve teamed up with Trump and the mob. “

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