Joe Scarborough has harsh phrases for “Trump terrorists”

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough criticized Senators Lindsey Graham (RS.C.), Ted Cruz (R-Texas), and Josh Hawley (R-Mon.) For storming the United States Capitol on January 6th, following the Trump urged his supporters to march on Congress to scrap the 2020 election results. The President’s supporters were stimulated by the President’s allegations of widespread electoral fraud exposed by news outlets, government agencies and independent observers alike.

Both Cruz and Hawley, who voted against the confirmation of the election results, which President Joe Biden decisively won, have been heavily criticized for demanding that they step down from Congress altogether. Neither of the two men withdrew their claims. Graham also voted against the confirmation of the results and continued to campaign against the former president’s indictment and conviction of inciting insurrection against Congress.

“Listen, I’m a conservative. Many people did not like my views after September 11th. I don’t really care. I kind of agreed [former Vice President] Dick Cheney with a 1% solution, ”said Scarborough. “Your job as leader is to stop another attack on this country. Law? Guess what? I’m the same guy in 2020. You will follow us. You come to our Capitol. We will come after you. And we’re not gonna fucking let you in our Capitol. We’re not fucking going to say to everyone, “Let’s just pretend this goes away.”

Let’s just forget about it. That’s what Lindsey is [Graham] wants us to do that, ”Scarborough continued. “He wants us to forget that people were hit in the head with an American flag because of Donald Trump. He wants us to forget that a cop was beaten to death and the reason the cop killer beat the cop to death was because they were inspired to do it by Donald Trump. “

Scarborough then turned to Cruz and Hawley.

“Ted Cruz wants us to forget because he led the riot with Josh Hawley [and Ted Cruz]. To forget? To forget? You are crazy and not a conservative. That’s not how conservatives talk. We do not forget. If you attack our country, we’ll go after you. We lock you up. We throw away the key. Are you coming to our capitol? “

He even found time to criticize Senators Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) And Marco Rubio (R-Fl.) For their roles. Both senators had raised concerns that impeachment would only further divide the country.

“And you think, Ron, it’s just vengeful to see justice for the leader of the insurrection. Marco, are you hiding behind procedural guarantees? This is a procedure. We cannot strive for it. Find a constitutional attorney who supports justice and quote that judge, that justice, ”he said.

That’s what the Senate Republicans want you to forget, ”Scarborough concluded. “Rand Paul wants you to forget that. Ted Cruz wants you to forget about this. This is what Ron Johnson wants you to forget. And I say never, never forget. Just like I said after 9/11. Never forget that Islam Terrorists came to our country and attacked us. And you know what? I said we had to call them Islamic Terrorists. You know why? Because they were Islamic Terrorists. Do you know what these people are you are Trump terrorists. Call them by name. “

You can see Scarborough in the video below.

Joe Scarborough calls the insurgents that Republicans are trying to get America to forget about Trump terrorists.

– Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) January 27, 2021

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