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New York Times:

A dead end ends in the Senate when the Democrats win a filibuster battle.

But as in previous battles for the filibuster, the outcome is likely only a temporary fix. As they advance Mr Biden’s agenda, Democrats will come under increasing pressure from activists to overturn the rule, which effectively requires 60 votes to drive action, in case Republicans regularly use it to halt or halt government priorities .

NEW: McConnell Warns of Scorched Earth Senate When Democrats Kill Filibusters from @mikedebonis and @ericawerner

– Matea Gold (@mateagold) January 26, 2021

Merrick Garland could not be reached for comment.

– Greg Dworkin (@DemFromCT) January 27, 2021

Asawin Suebsaeng / Daily Beast:

Trump smokes at him on his first weekend as a Fauci clown

In the past few days, former President Donald Trump has watched from afar as one of his favorite rivals for public attention was unleashed by the Biden administration to partially belittle Trump’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. And the ex-president couldn’t even tweet about it.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, once a prominent figure on Trump’s coronavirus task force who is now a top COVID-19 advisor to President Joe Biden, began his multi-day blitz on various news outlets, openly expressing his relief over it that the old crew was gone, that he could now serve in the Biden Administration.

Economic anxiety

– Tom Nichols (@RadioFreeTom) January 25, 2021

Drew Altman / Kaiser Family Foundation at Axios:

The US needs to step up vaccinations to achieve herd immunity

The US would have to step up coronavirus vaccinations significantly if we are to achieve herd immunity soon.

Why it matters: For herd immunity, at least 70% of the population must be vaccinated. Reaching this benchmark is particularly difficult – with children not yet eligible for the vaccines, the US would have to vaccinate the vast majority of adults.

By the numbers: The US would have to give 2.4 million doses a day to vaccinate 70% of the population by July 4th.

To get there by Labor Day would require 1.9 million doses per day. To achieve herd immunity by January 1, 2022, we need 1.2 million doses per day.

Where it says: The Centers for Disease Control reported 1.6 million vaccinations last Friday, and yesterday the Biden government raised its target – it is now aiming for 1.5 million shots a day instead of 1 million.

GOP activists say they believe that U.S. Republican Senator @ senrobportman’s decision not to seek re-election in 2020 signals that he doesn’t believe the party will return to a functioning majority anytime soon.

– Jennifer Jacobs (@JenniferJJacobs) January 25, 2021

Liz Szabo / CNN:

Anti-vaccine campaigners advocate theories that Covid-19 shots are fatal and undermine vaccination

Anti-vaccine groups have falsely claimed that vaccines for children cause autism for decades, weaving fantastic conspiracy theories involving government, big business, and the media.

Now the same groups blame patients’ random medical problems for covid shots, even when it is clear that age or underlying health conditions are to blame, Hotez said. “They will raise awareness of everything that happens after someone is given a vaccine and attribute it to the vaccine.” [Dr Peter] Said Hotez.

My goodness John, I could have sworn you were in the Senate when I chaired the committee that produced evidence of impeachment, which we then presented to the entire Senate, chaired by a Senator who then voted for conviction .. including your voice. @ JohnCornyn

– Claire McCaskill (@clairecmc) January 26, 2021

Kevin Robillard / HuffPost:

The Breakthrough Biden Order You Haven’t Heard Of Before

A directive on the regulatory process could lead to continued movement on climate change, public health and occupational safety.

In all of these high profile moves, however, was a memo with a title that apparently should be ignored: Modernizing Regulatory Review. The White House, which was posted to the press on Wednesday at 9.43 p.m. in the middle of the Tom Hanks-led opening ceremony, didn’t expect the dry document to make headlines or make American hearts beat faster.

However, the memo could spark a wave of tighter regulations to reduce income inequality, tackle climate change and protect public health. Among left-wing regulators, this is a signal that Biden could break conservative politics at 40.

“I understand that what I’m about to tell you sounds absurd,” James Goodwin, senior policy analyst at the Center for Progressive Reform, told HuffPost. “It has the potential to be the most important action Biden took on day one.”

I am waiting for the thinking piece “If Biden wants unity, he should switch parties”.

– Drew Savicki @ (@SenhorRaposa) January 26, 2021

If Biden wants unity, he should shut down every two years with Trump as president.

Jonathan Bernstein / Bloomberg:

Ignore Republican arguments against trial against Trump

Claiming that the constitution bans convictions for impeachment of ex-presidents is an easy way to evade what’s really at stake.

Republicans are converging on appeal, claiming impeachment of the president is inappropriate. I suppose this is better than actively supporting Trump’s attempts to undermine US democracy by encouraging his baseless fantasy of stolen elections and provoking the mob that stormed the US Capitol on Jan. 6, however they don’t deceive anyone. At least I hope not. I hate picking Missouri Senator Josh Hawley when he’s in well-deserved grief elsewhere, but come on. “Really?” Hawley: I think these impeachment efforts are obviously unconstitutional. It’s a really, really, really dangerous precedent. “

What could that possibly mean? Dangerous? …

By what standard is it so dangerous to oust a defeated president from office with a term who has created a legitimate impeachment argument so serious that despite the obstacles and misplaced incentives, Congress wants to move forward and somehow in is able to raise at least 67 votes in the Senate? Suppose in this situation it is a mistake to prevent the electorate from changing their minds and eventually electing this unpopular, ashamed president for a second term. Is it really a significant risk that can only be avoided if the impeachment window is closed when the next president takes office? Or is it more realistically a circumstance that is so unusual that it is unlikely to recur and does not otherwise matter much?

Morning Consult poll: Joe Biden starts his presidency with an approval rating of 56-34, which is a higher approval rating than Donald Trump throughout his tenure. Biden begins with net positive approval for all genders, ages, and races. Only “rural” voters are negative.

– Josh Jordan (@NumbersMuncher) January 26, 2021

John Ganz:

Mine and your fascism problem

After weeks of (really years) debating on the subject, I realized that I had never really committed myself to writing my reasoning about why I think it’s appropriate to talk about fascism in relation to Trump and Trumpism. I don’t think it’s that easy for Trump or the preponderance of his supporters to be self-conscious fascists. I think critics of the fascism position have rightly pointed out that the number of hardcore fascists in the United States is quite small and not organized in a formidable force, but I would still say that Trump represents an incipient or incomplete fascism. as others have argued and beyond that Trumpism has a fascist structure.

What do I mean by that? Trump’s policies include an inspired, charismatic leader (“I alone can fix it”) who has a mission to restore a sick national corporation (“Make America Great Again,” Crippled America, etc.) that stands in the way of corrupt elites, and various others impure ethnic minorities, the use of street and paramilitary violence are part of the solution to this corruption and remove obstacles to the will of the leader. Furthermore, no possible overturning of the Providence’s power can be legitimate: it is always ipso facto fraudulent and part of the web of deception spun by the corrupt elites. It is often believed that these elites are in large international conspiracies against the good people of the real nation.

NEW: Marjorie Taylor Greene has cited support for executing prominent Democrats on Facebook comments, videos, and likes in 2018 and 2019: //

– Andrew Kaczynski (@KFILE) January 26, 2021

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