Historical past can be made when the Home formally initiates Trump’s second impeachment trial in opposition to the Senate

History was made Monday night when the House of Representatives officially submitted its latest impeachment article against Donald Trump to the United States Senate, which sparked a second impeachment trial against the disgraced former president.

The chief impeachment manager, Rep. Jamie Raskin, initiated the process, saying, “The executives of the House of Representatives are here and present and ready to bring the impeachment article … against Donald John Trump, former President of the United States. ”

Trump became the first president to be charged twice earlier this month for instigating a violent uprising against the United States government.

Video of Rep. Raskin presenting the article to the Senate:

The house is making history and officially delivering an article impeachment to the US Senate, which will initiate a second impeachment trial against ex-President Donald Trump.

– PoliticusUSA (@politicususa) January 26, 2021

Trump owns half of all impeachment proceedings in US history

After the House of Representatives officially launched a second impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump on Monday evening, the ex-president now owns half of all impeachment proceedings in US history.

As CNN pointed out, there have only been four full impeachment trials in all of American history – two of which are for Trump.

Donald Trump’s legacy will not be one of strength or greatness as he longs for it so desperately. Instead, he will forever be remembered as a double-accused scammer who nearly overthrew American democracy.

With his second impeachment proceedings, it is now up to the Senate to hold him accountable once and for all.

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