Biden indicators govt order ending the DOJ’s use of personal prisons

As part of efforts to promote racial equality, President Joe Biden has signed an executive order ending the DOJ’s use of private prisons.

Video from President Biden:

President Biden signs an executive order ending the DOJ’s use of private prisons.

– Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) January 26, 2021

Biden said, “Today I am also issuing an executive order that will ultimately end the use of private prisons by the Justice Department and an industry that houses inmates and federal prisons. The executive order directs the attorney general to refuse renewal of contracts with privately operated criminal entities, a move we began at the end of the Obama administration and reversed under the previous administration. This is a first step in discouraging businesses from benefiting from less humane and less secure incarceration, the study shows. It is only the beginning of my administration’s plan to address systemic problems in our criminal justice system. “

The Biden Executive Order is a great first step as it addresses the inhuman treatment of Americans in for-profit prisons. Private prisons are a black eye on America. They are characterized by poor treatment of inmates, unsafe conditions, and poorly paid guards.

Trump thought criminal justice reform was a photo op with Kim Kardashian.

Joe Biden is changing the content of American politics that the majority of Americans have longed for for years.

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