Madison Cawthorn isn’t a prime athlete or a profitable CEO. Nevertheless, he’s a liar

McGrory has been to the Paralympic Games three times and won seven medals. He is also the “archivist and collections curator of the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committees”. She explains that Cawthorn’s statement that he “had an opportunity for the Paralympics for athletics =” is not simply misleading but a lie. As with all sports, especially elite sports competitions, one must be on a team, usually a college or local club. And from there you set the times for qualifying races, and from there you will be tracked. “Cawthorn dropped out of college after one semester.

Former wheelchair marathon runner Robert Kozarek says the wheelchair community that vies to compete in the Paralympics of Athletics is very small, and anyone trying to qualify or qualify for an elite competition does it several times a year would see. Guess who Kozarek never met? That’s right, David Madison Cawthorn. The lie is even more pathological – including the fact that Cawthorn’s name isn’t even on the publicly available international World Para Athletics list.

Brian Siemann is a Paralympian.

But the reason Cawthorn gets called for it isn’t because he mentioned it a few times. He lied actively for years. As Paralympian Brian Siemann told The Nation, Cawthorn’s only real connection with the Paralympics was that his social media accounts were seen as entertaining and bizarre to real Paralympians. “[My teammates and I] would share whatever posts [Cawthorn] Introduce yourself and say, “Look at what he said about the Paralympics this week … The claims he made were just so absurd that you have to find some humor in them.”

But, as Siemann explained, the frustrating part of it all is that Cawthorn is simply using people’s general ignorance about elite athletics (and the Paralympic movement in particular) to trick people into believing that he does the hard work who it takes to be an elite athlete. He is not. He did not. He will not.

According to the synopsis, Cawthorn’s social media posts are filled with completely made-up mentions of “qualifiers” and races that don’t exist. The only identifiable race according to an article in Atlanta is the Peachtree Road Race. Siemann explains that part of what this pathetic is about is that Cawthorn lies about the nature of the breed; second, he lies about his participation in the race; and third, it excludes the most important aspect of the race: the partnership between the race and the Shepherd Center, an Atlanta rehabilitation hospital.

The event itself is not a qualifying race for anything. Some of the elite Parlaympic athletes from around the world participate, but it’s a relaxed race, not a competition for international placements.

Halfway through the Peachtree Road Race, the route goes past the Shepherd Center after what Siemann called “Cardiac Hill”. “What is really cool is [Shepherd Center staff] Bring a few younger patients to cheer you on. It’s a great opportunity for you to see what is possible when you work and train hard, ”said Siemann.

Madison Cawthorn’s narcissistic lie is a slap in the face of the thousands of athletes around the world who work hard and make the sacrifices necessary to achieve competitive success among the elite. It would be one thing if at some point Cawthorn started “training” and talked about it. It is a whole different thing to keep creating lies that demean hard-working Americans, all of whom are on duty to fill that huge ego-sized hole in the soul.

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