Trump’s allies have marketed themselves to rich criminals who apologize on the final minute

The premise isn’t complicated. Those with access to Trump, like his former personal attorney John Dowd, are promoting their proximity to Trump as a means by which wealthy offenders can listen to their pardon requests – for a fee, of course. A high fee. Part of what that fee gets you if you are a wealthy criminal is Dowd’s advice on how to “use Mr. Trump’s complaints about the judicial system” to represent your own case that the law was very mean to you . says the Times. Well duh

While the Times lists some of the profiteers bordering on Trump who don’t want to sell illegally pardons, but want to wink their influence with Trump to alert him to these possible pardons, it goes without saying that the ultra violinist Rudy Giuliani should do one Appearance. Giuliani’s asking price for a pardon was $ 2 million.

None of this is surprising. It went without saying that anyone who has ever had dinner in Mar-a-Lago or worked for Trump in any capacity would dig one last ditch in the final weeks of his failed government to monetize proximity to Trump’s power to have. And at this point it goes without saying that Trump himself would be ready to sabotage justice for anyone he perceives as an ally. That is what he does and what he has asked others to do in his administration.

However, there is one potentially fatal flaw in these plans. People around Trump are collecting high fees to get Trump to grant certain pardons – but nowhere do we hear that these Trump allies share those fees with Donald Trump himself. If Trump learns it’s about money but doesn’t get a cut, he’ll likely get just as angry as a certain pardon.

Will his quest to undermine the rule of law on behalf of his allies overwhelm his obsession with getting as much money out of his “presidency” as possible? We will know in the next few days.

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