How the People face Joe Biden earlier than his inauguration

President-elect Joe Biden will begin his term in office on Wednesday with a far higher approval rating than President Donald Trump – but with little support from Republican voters who remain largely embroiled in Trump’s election fraud lies.

That’s according to new polls this week from CNN and SSRS, the Washington Post and ABC News, and NBC News.

According to the Post and ABC, two-thirds of Americans – about 67 percent – approve of Biden’s change of president, which the Trump administration has repeatedly obstructed. By comparison, only 40 percent agreed to Trump’s transition efforts in 2016.

Previous transitions – those of Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama – were all significantly taller than Biden or Trump, but Biden is facing greater headwinds as a Republican party is still devoted to Trump that Biden is not yet officially considered which has recognized 2020 election winners (although Trump has announced support for the transition).

Biden’s transition also got off to a sluggish start after his win last November. Although virtually every major retail outlet had advertised the race in his favor by November 7, the Saturday after the presidential election, General Services Administration chief Emily Murphy delayed issuing an investigation letter until November 23.

As a result, the Biden team had to wait for access to federal funding for the transition more than two weeks after Election Day – and even after clearing that hurdle, Biden transition director Yohannes Abraham said last month that Trump’s Biden team was on “Obstacles” were encountered by officers at several agencies.

Despite these obstacles, Biden’s transition not only got better grades than Trump’s, but 49 percent of Americans said “they believed it [Biden] will make the right decisions for the future of the country “- 14 percent more than Trump said about Trump before he took office in January 2017, according to the poll by Post-ABC.

Additionally, more Americans – 53 percent – are more confident that Biden can get the Covid-19 pandemic under control than his performance in any other area.

Biden has promised to give 100 million doses of vaccine within his first 100 days in office and this week proposed a $ 1.9 trillion coronavirus relief plan and stimulus plan.

Even so, Biden will face major hurdles beyond what the new White House Chief of Staff, Ron Klain, said in a memo on Saturday outlining Biden’s early agenda after taking office as America’s “overlapping and exacerbating crises” designated.

In particular, a CNN-SSRS poll found that only 65 percent of Americans believe Biden “legitimately won” the election. Three-quarters, or 75 percent, of Republicans either suspect that Biden didn’t legitimately win or believe there is “solid evidence” that he didn’t win. (There is no such evidence. After dozens of trials, Republicans found no evidence of significant electoral fraud in the 2020 election.)

The same goes for the Post-ABC poll, which found 7 out of 10 Republicans questioned the legitimacy of Biden’s election.

However, according to NBC, Biden beats Trump on his overall favorable rating: 44 percent of registered voters are positive about Biden, while only 40 percent are positive about Trump (and other polls have shown Trump has even lower approval ratings).

Trump’s net favor is even worse: 53 percent of registered voters have a negative opinion of the outgoing president, which brings his net favor to -13 percentage points compared to +4 points for Biden.

Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris also beats Vice-President Mike Pence in terms of cheapness by a narrow three-point lead, according to the same NBC poll, and the Democratic Party does even better against the Republican Party: while only 29 percent of those registered Voters feel 39 percent are positive about the GOP, about the Democratic Party.

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