Capitol officer attacked by Trump Mob speaks to a message for the mob

Fanone told CNN, “A guy started picking up my gun. And they screamed, you know, ‘Kill him with his own gun. ‘”Fanone said at the time that he realized that while he might be able to shoot some of the people who attacked him, it was unlikely that it would save his own life and could give the mob just the kind of justification they wanted they were looking to murder him. He decided to remind the fascists that he was human: “I just remember having kids and it seemed to work. Some people in the crowd started circling me, trying to provide some protection for me. “

But Fanone doesn’t call heroes where there aren’t any. “Many people have asked my thoughts about those in the crowd who have helped me or tried to offer help. And I think the conclusion I came to is, thank you, but fuck you for being there. “

I can get this over with.

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