The Koch Community says lawmakers’ actions earlier than and after the Capitol assault will decide who will get their help

The darling of the corporate donor class, the Koch network has announced that legislative action before and after last week’s Capitol attack will be “difficult” as to who will get future support in the next election cycle.

“Legislative action before and during last week’s uprising will weigh heavily in our assessment of future support. And we will continue to seek ways to support policymakers who oppose the politics of division and work together to move our country forward, “said Emily Seidel, CEO of Americans for Prosperity and Senior Advisor to AFP Action, the Super-PAC the group.

The announcement comes amid efforts by the Koch network to distance itself from President Donald Trump: Charles Koch, the network’s billionaire, declined to endorse Trump in 2016 and 2020. Other companies have also announced they will stop making donations to politicians who supported the president’s fictions that the election was fraudulent, a claim for which there is no evidence and that even the president’s own cybersecurity agencies have repeatedly exposed.

Companies that have stopped funding include Airbnb, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Dow Chemical, and Mastercard.

The announcement adds to the troubles Republicans face, who grappled with a rift within the party after ten Republicans joined the Democrats to indict President Trump a second time and convict him for the role he played in the Triggering the uprising had played, which resulted in five deaths. The death toll includes Brian Sicknick, a Capitol police officer who was struck with a fire extinguisher when a pro-Trump group broke through the Capitol to prevent Congress from sending the 2020 election results to President-elect Joe Biden to confirm.

Alan is a New York based writer, editor, and news junkie.

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