Chad Wolf is not fairly completed wreaking havoc at Homeland Safety

Axios reports that the auntil next week’s election for President-elect Joe Biden Federal Emergency Management Agency administrator Pete Gaynor issued a memo alleged to give illegal Chad some sort of replay. including the ratification of guidelines on “[f]ICE deportations, increased fees for immigration services, restrictions on asylum and restrictions on work permits for asylum seekers, ”tweeted Hamed Aleaziz of BuzzFeed News.

Recall that the courts forced the Trump administration to reintroduce policies like the Deferred Action on Child Arrivals program because illegal Chad was not empowered to change it. After his resignation, experts had feared that Gaynor might try a rerun – and for a moment it looked like he wouldn’t – but it looks like he just left the dirty work to illegal Chad instead.

I cannot say whether everything will hold up. But let’s see what people who know a lot more than me think about all of this:


You’re kidding. Gaynor wants to keep his hands clean by delegating the ratification authority to Wolf in its Senate-approved role?

No, his hands are just as dirty. He is responsible for undermining Biden’s pledge to reverse Trump’s immigration policy.

– Aaron Reichlin-Melnick (@ReichlinMelnick) January 14, 2021


Guy illegally serving as acting DHS secretary is illegally attempting to rewrite the order of succession to DHS so that the lawful acting secretary can give him authority to ratify any illegal things he may do while serving as acting secretary did – and then wrongly dated the memo.

– Steve Vladeck (@steve_vladeck) January 14, 2021

“Nothing that this cosplay servant of our twice accused president is legitimate. Starting with his appointment, “Texas Rep. Veronica Escobar tweeted.

Illegal Chad has since also started its rehabilitation campaign following his resignation as acting secretary, telling ABC News that Trump’s words “Matter and they do. He certainly has some degree of responsibility for at least the words he said. I talked about my disappointment when wishing he’d come out earlier to condemn the violence and just talk more about it. “Just really, really amazing how they get so direct when it’s too late.

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