The Michigan Capitol Fee unanimously votes to ban open weapons from the state Capitol

According to MLive, this move comes after months of debating over security measures for the Capitol. The commission worked on these security ideas after gunmen attacked the Capitol in April. Under the chairmanship of Gary Randall and under the vice-chairmanship of John Truscott, they decided that while they would not be able to fund metal detectors at more of the building’s entrances, they could at least ban open transportation within the building. Reported Commissioner Bill Kandler: ‚ÄúCommissioner Truscott and I have spent a lot of time trying to figure out how security works and how we can get things done and how security works in other buildings like the Supreme Court. After reviewing all aspects of the implementation, we found that the ultimate limit of our real authority to actually implement was to enforce an open broadcast prohibition. We don’t currently have the infrastructure to do much else. “

While this move means Michigan State Police will enforce this new law for the immediate future, there are of course Republicans who believe the commission has exceeded its powers. In particular, Republican spokesman for the elected House of Representatives Jason Wentworth released a statement that there was no legal authority for them to enact this rule. Wentworth’s spokesman told news outlets that the spokesman would consider the next steps Republicans could take to thwart this gun ban.

Acting like an insider fascist, Wentworth comes as no surprise as he has already done more than his fair share to undermine our elections and weaken the control and balance of his own state to maintain electoral integrity. It seems Wentworth is far more interested in becoming a productive legislature in arming people to storm the Capitol than in securing our Democratic seats.

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