What we do now will decide whether or not violent mobs who attacked Capitol will act once more, says an knowledgeable

Trump instigated a mob that stormed the legislature where the election was confirmed, Tufekci told NPR. “So this is absolutely kind of a coup attempt,” she said. Tufekci said moments of Wednesday’s uprising were “very familiar” and that she describes Trump’s actions since the election as attempted coups.

As an academic, she said she welcomed Americans debating the best term to classify Trump’s attempt to overthrow the election results: “They know precision has some value there, but that shouldn’t overshadow what coming up to us as I wrote what is being tried, “she said. “The President of the United States tried to steal the election by falsely claiming he won it and tried to mobilize whatever extrajudicial force he could muster from his office to get them to vote for his Favor to overturn. “

According to Merriam-Webster’s definition, a coup, short for coup, is defined as “a sudden, decisive act of violence in politics, specifically: the forcible overthrow or change of an existing government by a small group”.

“I think people mistake ridiculous for not serious,” said Tufekci. The protesters looked ridiculous, angry crowds punctuated with horns and flag capes, “but it’s not dubious,” Tufekci said. After the mob disrupted the certification process, the majority of the GOP caucus, 138 out of 211 Republican officials, voted to overturn the Pennsylvania election results, “even the Pennsylvania representative who was just elected with those votes,” said Tufekci.

“These are not normal transition hiccups,” she added. “These are attempts to steal an election.” Tufekci said there are many ridiculous coup attempts around the world that “fail the first or second time or the third time and then succeed”. GOP lawmakers are voting in favor of casting legitimate votes even after a coup attempt. “That should scare us,” said Tufekci.

The rioters crossed a line in storming the Capitol, as did 65% of Republican lawmakers who voted to cast legitimate votes. “It’s the way we react to crossing that line that will determine whether or not they try again,” Tufekci said. “And there is no reason to assume that the next time will be similarly ridiculous or incompetent because this time was very serious.”

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