Traitors who stormed Capitol obtain harsh sentences for vandalism due to Donald Trump

After tearfully gassing a church he was not invited to and calling the National Guard in a show of force against Black Lives Matter protesters that summer, the now traitorous Trump announced that he had signed a “very strong” one (yes, he has always been a child-like, almost illiterate executive) who demanded that those who destroy monuments or other state property face a maximum sentence of 10 years in federal prison.

All the half asses and idiots who streamed themselves live, broke doors, smashed windows, broke chairs, defaced documents and otherwise damaged property, stand alone because of the property damage 10 years ago. That should weigh well on the American fascist movement given the amount of footage they themselves uploaded about their crimes.

There’s a catch, of course, in that Trump’s administration has to obey Trump’s word and that Americans absolutely shouldn’t believe that someone who falls behind in the high ranks of the Justice Department is pushing for maximum indictment against the violent far-right party rather than striving for the crimes Pedaling gently to appease Trump’s own desires. The attack on the U.S. Capitol met so little federal opposition that it came close to collaborating, which has already sparked bipartisan anger against the Capitol Police, but perhaps not nearly enough anger at Trump’s myriad White House staff.

Trump could also try to forgive all those who committed violence and vandalism in the Capitol for doing so on his own behalf. He couldn’t either, for there are throwaway farmers with little money and little more that can be offered to him.

But any really aggressive persecution of those responsible will have to wait until a new government, one freed by the Republican Party collaborators in Trump’s many, many treasonous acts.

What is it you say Is that going to happen in less than two weeks?

Oh. Well then. Have fun with it, traitor.

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