Louie Gohmert is suing Mike Pence in a (additional) lawsuit to nullify Joe Biden’s presidential victory

Instead, Gohmert and the others file a lawsuit against Vice President Mike Pence. They are demanding that the District Court for the Eastern District of Texas declare that Pence does not have to count Donald Trump state voters and his allies do not want to be counted when Pence leads the Congressional vote of the electoral college on Jan. 6. The constitution, they say, gives Pence the power to cast votes if he wants damn well, after which the election is canceled. The House and Senate meet to find out who will be President, and in theory that kind of leads to the Democratically run House sort of agree that Donald Murderbuffoon must remain President.

It is important to know that a lawsuit has roughly no chance of getting a job because (1) the Constitution does not say so, (2) the claim that Gohmert stands because, as Congress, the counting of voters he does not want to count, officially makes him sad, and (3) all of the rest of it. It is a largely dishonest retool of the previous dumbest lawsuit in the country, with some of the most egregious flaws fixed and new ones added.

The backstory here is a little more interesting, however. Exactly a week ago, Gohmert and a number of Republican fascism dealers met with Donald Trump and Mike Pence to work out strategies to sabotage the acceptance of the electoral college’s results. House Republicans have put Pence under heavy pressure to stage a scene on January 6th. Donald Trump’s pseudo-legal bullshitters have hyped conspiracy theories that rally the grassroots around the same premise, and we can state that this lawsuit against Pence was either a planned move between them House Republicans and Pence to give him plausible denial for creating a scene, or likely angry Gohmert’s loner move himself after Pence refused to explicitly promise house crackpots that he would go along with their ridiculous, seditious, and doomed failure plan.

So that’s what they made up. Or at least what Rep. Louie Gohmert and Kelli Freaking Ward came up with. We’ll no doubt see different versions of Jim Jordan and Trump’s other most willing traitors in the days to come, but everything is primarily intended as Rube-fodder. It seeks to trick the far-right Republican base into believing the election is “illegitimate” based on jokes made by Republican leaders alleging all kinds of conspiracies and fraud.

It has already been made clear that even conservative courts will not approve Republican attempts to carry out a full coup. The House Republicans and Trump are instead working to delegitimize our electoral process so that the violent far-right party comes out to do what the courts don’t want.

Just because it’s likely not to work doesn’t make it any less dangerous. This is another test of the system limits. They are tested over and over again.

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