“I hunt individuals – it is an incredible job”: Ohio MP / Pastor brags earlier than killing Casey Goodson Jr.

Goodson was not a suspect or the subject of an investigation, but Meade reportedly shot him dead for waving a gun from his car, the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement. Local activists, however, have questioned the official account of what happened, relying in part on statements from the victim’s family that Goodson was shot three times in the back with a subway sandwich. The family said he had just returned home from a dentist appointment.

Rep. Joyce Beatty of the Ohio 3rd Congressional District was an outspoken advocate for justice in Goodson’s death. Hearing Meade’s remarks, she told the Post, “This is very different from my religion. Can you equate “hit first” with “shoot first”? I dont know. But the fact that he boasts that kind of thinking is very disturbing. ”


Too many black men die or are victims of unjustified, excessive violence by the very people who have sworn to protect and serve us all. I join Casey’s family, friends, and the entire community in demanding accountability and seeking justice for his pointless killing. (2 of 2)

– Joyce Beatty (@RepBeatty) December 7, 2020

Meade, an Iraq war veteran who started working in the sheriff’s office in 2003, is a pastor at Rosedale Free Will Baptist Church which is over 30 miles west of Columbus. Before Meade began to confess his true belief system, he previously confessed to another Baptist church: “I am politically incorrect. Do I have to throw this out? Full Disclosure: If your looking for a PC, you’ve got the wrong one. “

Listen to Meade’s full remarks.

Meade painted the police as David and the victims of police brutality as Goliath in a twisted take on the popular biblical story of David and Goliath in which a young man kills the great warrior Goliath with a slingshot and a stone. The story is often used to demonstrate how faith can make the seemingly impossible possible, but Meade’s realization seemed to be that David won because he took the first shot.

His arguments are similar to those he made during an interview with the sheriff’s office in 2018. “There are times for a just release,” Meade said. “That’s what I call when we use violence … We don’t go around looking for it because we don’t have to. Lots of people out there are going to give you this opportunity. So we don’t have to be bullies looking for it. That is why I say it is a just liberation. There is a release in our work that we can legitimately actually use violence. “

He continued, “And I’ve had people say, how can you hurt someone, Jesus said turn the other cheek and I say read your Bible. He doesn’t talk about getting physically slapped in the face. “

“When he says it’s against his name. Wait a minute, do I suffer from crimes and criminals in the name of Jesus? “Meade added. “No, that’s not its namesake. So we take the Bible out of context and take ministry out of context. As if you can’t be a man and a Christian? Jesus was the manliest man in human history. “

Pastor Michael Young of the City of Grace Church, who advised members of Goodson’s family after his death, condemned Meade’s remarks in an interview with the Post. “This is a man called to protect and serve, who speaks so,” said Young. “He uses the platform of the pulpit to teach and preach things that are contrary to the Scriptures.”

Goodson’s death has attracted national attention. Comedian DL Hughley commented on the first details on the case released on his radio show earlier this month. “I can tell you it sounds all too familiar,” he said. “I can tell you that a young man who had the right to carry a weapon approved to carry a weapon was murdered by a group of police officers who were looking for criminals in the area.

“I can tell you that he wasn’t one of the people you were looking for. I can tell you that at the time of his death he had a subway sandwich in hand and his keys were in the front door. So I don’t know how exactly a bigger threat can be to you with a subway sandwich in one hand or the other, but I can tell you it looks familiar. “

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