You are fired! The folks ousted Donald Trump as a result of the Senate Republicans had been too corrupt to take action

The other 52 Republican senators banded together to protect Trump from accountability and suffered the just consequences of his defiling the Republic. They claimed there was no quid pro quo for “So what if?” In the end, every Senate Republican except Romney was content to play Trump’s sidekick, regardless of the democracy he represented.

Unfortunately, that insane political calculation worked for too many GOP senators at risk back in November. While Sens. Cory Gardner from Colorado and Martha McSally from Arizona suffered the consequences of Trump’s corruption, others like Susan Collins from Maine, Joni Ernst from Iowa and Thom Tillis from North Carolina escaped responsibility for their complicity in Trump’s crimes. And for now, at least, Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell, who charged him with acquitting Trump without hearing from a single witness (including Trump’s former National Security Adviser and staunch Conservative John Bolton), is still the alleged Senate majority leader for the upcoming congress.

This need not be. On January 5th we have one last chance to seek a price for McConnell’s betrayal by relegating him to minority status in the upper chamber and putting the Democrats at the helm. At the same time, we can send a strong message that the seditious acts of Georgia Sens. Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue, who support Trump’s fascist takeover to overthrow the election, will not stand.

Regardless of what happens in these two critical Senate races, the American people have come together to save our democracy from a possible dictator and an entire great American party that have eagerly helped them undermine this centuries-old experiment in democracy.

You’re fired, Donald Trump. The people spoke.

We need all hands on deck to win the Georgia Senate runoff on January 5th, and you can volunteer from anywhere: Daily Kos volunteers already have more than 23,000 volunteers. Click here to view the Georgia volunteer activities that are best for you.

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