For the 40th straight week, People are submitting greater than one million claims for unemployment advantages

For millions of unemployed Americans who have had financial problems since the pandemic began, especially in the last five months since July 31, when an additional $ 600 per week in CARES benefits expired in March, this is temporary Procedure in The General Benefit will add another round of pain:

This is because state recruitment agencies are phasing out preprogrammed benefits on December 26th. Resetting the systems requires extensive program changes that keep nearly 12 million Americans from receiving benefits until new code is implemented.

States cannot begin writing the new code until they receive guidance from the U.S. Department of Labor, Pancotti added.

Without the expansion of unemployment benefits, roughly 4.8 million Americans would have fallen into poverty in January, say researchers from the Center for Poverty and Social Policy at Columbia University. Something 4.6 million people – about 37% of the unemployed – have seen their jobs permanently disappear.

If Mitch McConnell’s Republicans in the Senate hadn’t refused to negotiate two more House Democratic bailouts in May and October, retail sales might not have hit the hits they had in the past two months. In November, the trading department reported Wednesday that retail sales fell 1.1%, the worst drop in seven months. Not by chance, it was also reported that personal income for the month fell by 1.1%. Lower sales mean more vacation and layoffs, which means less income, which means more sales drops.

Michele Evermore, senior policy analyst with the National Employment Law Project, a labor rights advocate, said, “It is important to remember that over two-thirds of unemployed workers are now long-term unemployed. They probably burned their savings. We see more poverty, hunger and homelessness. ”

The Economic Policy Institute released five charts last week showing some of the effects of the pandemic recession, including these two:


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