Frontline employees and anybody aged 75 and over ought to get their subsequent COVID-19 vaccinations, in response to the CDC panel

In order to receive the coronavirus vaccines, key employees and those aged 75 and over should be on the front lines, following health care workers and long-term care residents, according to a CDC advisory panel. That means workers in grocery stores, meat processing industries, teachers, public transport workers and many more.

There are approximately 30 million essential workers in this group and 19 million people aged 75 and over who would be eligible. The vaccinations are expected to start in early 2021. They would be followed by a much larger group – 129 million people – including another group of basic workers, adults ages 65 to 74, and younger adults with conditions that put them at higher risk.

The question is when will there be enough vaccine doses for all of these people. The Moderna vaccine has now received emergency clearance and is shipping, but delivery of both the vaccine and Pfizer vaccine will take time to meet demand. “Federal health officials have estimated that by the end of February there could be enough vaccines to vaccinate 100 million people, including the 21 million healthcare workers and three million long-term care residents, ā€¯reports the New York Times.

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